Asset restructuring, a strategic and virtuous approach

In 15 years, building restructurings have totalled 650,000 sq.m., i.e. 70% of the total surface area delivered within the perimeter of the OIN of La Défense. We'll tell you more about this trend, which combines modernisation of the business district and reduction of its environmental footprint.

For a long time considered complementary to new construction, building restructuring has nevertheless dominated the market in terms of available supply.
For Paris La Défense, this solution offers many advantages:

  • integration of a true sustainable dimension (waste reduction, reuse of materials, reduction in the production or routing of new materials) ;
  • optimisation of work schedules (shorter construction sites, minimised legal risks, lower costs);
  • reduced impact on local residents (noise and visual nuisance).

For investors, restructuring is sometimes synonymous with a technical challenge (rebuilding from the ground up while managing structural constraints).

2009-2019: 14 restructuring operations

In 10 years, office towers in the business district have undergone a profound change. Among the emblematic restructurings:

  • First (86,000 sq.m., to be delivered in 2011). With its 50-metre elevation, it is now the highest tower in the business district. 80% of the concrete structure of the old tower has been preserved;
  • Window (45,000 sq.m., delivered in 2018);
  • Belvedere (18,000 sq.m., to be delivered in 2018);
  • Carré Michelet (38,000 sq.m., to be delivered in 2019).

2020-2022: major restructuring operations to be delivered

The trend is set to reverse, with the delivery of 130,000 sq.m. of new, 75,000 sq.m. in demolition-reconstruction operations versus 190,000 sq.m. restructured, which will represent 48% of all volumes delivered, compared with 69% for the previous period. This trend can be explained by the delivery of two towers on new land rights-of-way : Trinity (approximately 49,000 sq.m, delivery in 2020) and Hekla (80,000 sq.m., delivery in 2022).

But the number of restructuring operations will remain dominant, with in particular :

  • Akora (16,000 sq.m., delivery in 2020);
  • Landscape (72,000 sq.m., to be completed in 2020);
  • Watt (14,000 sq.m., to be delivered in 2021).

Restructuring and change of use

A major first in Paris La Défense: the Litwin tower, located in the Bellini district, will soon be converted. The former office building will house a hotel under the Mama Shelter banner in 2021, with 211 rooms, two restaurants, one of which is rooftop, and a breathtaking view of the Seine!

Paris La Défense is looking forward to seeing you at MIPIM to go into more detail!

Asset restructuring, a new sustainable development lever   
Wednesday, March 11th - 3:00-3:30 p.m.   
Place: Stand Paris La Défense C12. A8
Olivier Schoentjes, COO Paris La Défense   
Germain Aunidas, Head of Development, AXA Investment Managers   
Jean Paul Viguier, Architect

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