General states on the transformation of high-rise buildings for Paris La Défense

General states on the transformation of the towers

In order to reduce the carbon footprint of the territory, in accordance with the commitments made by Paris La Défense in giving itself a raison d'être, the transformation of towers rather than their demolition is a key axis. How can the towers of Paris La Défense be made more environmentally friendly? This question will be at the heart of the first General states on the transformation of the towers organized by the public establishment from November 2022.

In 2021, Paris La Défense has given itself a raison d'être with the ambition of becoming the first post-carbon business district in the world and halving territorial greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To achieve this, a new development model is needed. Over time, the business district and its towers have become a symbol of verticality in France. Today, in the light of crucial climate issues, the public establishment Paris La Défense wishes to bring a new look to this symbol by revealing the renewed potential of verticality.

General states on the transformation of the towers

These meetings between investors and real estate operators (architects, developers, builders, managers, tenants, elected officials, the State...) will take the form of three events and will be held between November 2022 and May 2023. This unprecedented approach by Paris La Défense will allow for indispensable reflection in the world of real estate in order to invent, inspire, share and initiate the movement of the transformation of high-rise buildings with, as angles for reflection:

  • Restructuring rather than demolishing,
  • Inventing innovative solutions from the perspective of decarbonization,
  • Drawing inspiration from other international business districts,
  • Sharing successful initiatives that are in line with the region's ecological challenges,
  • Engage in a movement to meet an ambitious but achievable post-carbon course if the dynamic is collective.

Between each event, visits of restructured buildings will be organized to present examples of change of use, reuse of materials and, more generally, to share inspiring practices.

Program for November 30, 2022

The first of the three events will be held in the morning of November 30, 2022 in the Eqho Tower in Paris La Défense.
General states #1: focus on national and international cases of successful restructuring

  • Part 1 : Inspiration for diversifying uses.
  • Part 2: Transforming to regenerate the existing.
  • Part 3: What offices for tomorrow?

The participation of a national and international professional networking will allow us to focus on Paris, Lyon, New York and Sydney.

The two other highlights to come

  • General States #2 (February 2023): Technical and regulatory issues, financial parameters of the transformation of the towers.
  • General States #3 (April/May 2023): an assessment to prepare the future.

The last chapter of this cycle of events, the third time will allow us to draw up an assessment and a state of the art of the transformation of high-rise buildings in France and internationally. This assessment will take the form of a white paper based on the exchanges, debates and meetings that will take place over nearly six months.

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