Discover the major worksites and projects in Paris La Défense in 2021

Discover the major worksites and projects in Paris La Défense in 2021

Despite the health situation, Paris La Défense is staying the course by continuing the projects already underway and developing new projects that are helping to transform the area.

Discover the major building sites, real estate and urban projects, as well as the sustainable development approach and the events calendar in video with Pierre-Yves Guice, General Director of Paris La Défense, and consult the site's project sheets to find out more!

Building sites and projects La Défense

La Rose de Cherbourg: work continues. The old road interchange will soon give way to a new pedestrian promenade, green spaces and new traffic connections with the town centre of Puteaux. Work on the approaches to the tour Hekla will begin in the spring. This tower, designed by Jean Nouvel, is also in the process of being built, with delivery scheduled for 2022.

The Michelet-Gallieni district: a project for a public space is currently being considered and will create links between the centre of Puteaux and the slab, green the district and work on calming the Boulevard Circulaire. The Link, an emblematic project for the district, is starting work and will change the skyline of Paris La Défense by 2025.

La Place de La Défense: work on its complete renovation will begin in March for 24 months. In particular, the project calls for more modern, more comfortable surfaces and small green areas.

Le Parc: in the spring, a new stage in the transformation of the esplanade into a park with more than 2,500 sq. metres of greenery along the historic axis. Eventually, 7 hectares will be transformed into a real urban park.

**Under the historic axis, the second half of the year will see the start of work to enhance the under-slab spaces ( These monumental volumes, hitherto unexploited, will accommodate new activities in a few years' time.

Building sites and projects Nanterre

Les Groues: while the Eole construction site continues, four housing programmes will be launched as well as a school group. The first part of Vinci's world headquarters will also be delivered. 2021 will also see the launch of new residential and office properties. Eventually, 10,500 inhabitants and 12,000 employees will join the district. The Crescent]( Work is continuing with the construction of the Arche Horizon programme for 50 housing units and the construction of the Leonardo da Vinci Institute of Higher Education. Cœur de Quartier: near Nanterre-Université station, the latest developments in the Cœur de Quartier are nearing completion, creating a new mixed-use area combining housing, offices and shops, including a 10-screen cinema.

Sustainable development

The Oasis Energétique project, which aims to produce, store and consume local renewable energy in 4 forms, will be evaluated in 2021. The Urban Comfort project, carried out with an R&D institute for the energy transition of cities and several industrialists, will run from May to September with the aim of better adapting public spaces to the heat.

The 6 kilometres of cycle paths developed during the deconfinement will be maintained. 2021 will also see the deployment of a new pedestrian signage system, aimed at improving the relationship between the large signage plan and directional signage and reinforcing intermediate landmarks.


On the programme this year :

  • The 4th edition of the contemporary art exhibition Les Extatiques, from mid-June to early October,
  • Défense Jazz Festival which will take place from 21st to 27th June on the Parvis de La Défense,
  • Garden Parvis, the big summer event, from July 1st to August 13th,
  • The traditional Firemen's Ball on July 13th,
  • The European 3X3 Basketball Championships from 9 to 12 September, with the French Basketball Federation,
  • The Urban Week, the street culture festival, from 22nd to 26th September,
  • The Christmas Village in the last quarter.

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