In 2024, embark on a year of challenges at Paris La Défense !

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To continue transforming the area, developing new projects, multiplying services, bringing you the Olympic Games, and much more besides, Paris La Défense is embarking on a year of challenges! And what if this new year was the year of all challenges, and even all possibilities ?

At the dawn of this new year, while resolutions are being made, Paris La Défense is also setting itself a number of challenges. Whether it's real estate, the environment or sports, what better way to tackle 2024 than with a bevy of exciting projects that will punctuate the next 366 days ?

Ever greener public spaces !

Although Paris La Défense is often seen as a cold, grey district, its progressive greening is undeniable ! Following the completion in 2023 of the Place de La Défense, the Rose de Cherbourg and the public spaces of the Reflets district, a number of new projects are underway or will be completed in 2024.

To continue transforming the district, the public institution is taking on new challenges, and not the least ! In 2024, the long-awaited Parc project will get underway. The La Défense esplanade will gradually be transformed into a 5-hectare, 600-metre-long urban park. Users of the district will be able to enjoy a variety of atmospheres, conducive to relaxation and recreational or sports activities. Nature will take center stage on the esplanade, with landscaped areas, planted promenades, lawns and stabilized surfaces, copses, ponds and flower gardens...

Much more than a simple green space, the transformation of the esplanade will promote cool islands and the development of biodiversity, while helping to combat global warming. It's an ambitious project, designed and managed responsibly, and will require significant work on the space beneath the slab, which will be filled in in places and replaced by new, more fertile and permeable soil. The Park will also enhance exchanges between different user profiles, by creating new continuities and crossings. The latter will promote a wider opening towards the neighborhoods and towns of Courbevoie and Puteaux.

A completely different project is about to get underway in the Michelet district, where 1.2 hectares are about to be transformed. The main objective is to revitalize the district, notably by eliminating grade separations and improving accessibility. Two new access points will be created in 2024, at metro level and in the République sector, whose various facilities will make it possible to cross the boulevard Patrick Devedjian on foot.

Greening is also at the heart of the project, with the greening of the forecourt of The Link tower and the Cours Michelet, the planting of trees, the cleaning and reuse of cobblestones and the laying of grassed joints, and the installation of new furniture. The renovation will cover the entire Cours Michelet and will be completed by the end of 2025.

Le jardin des Rails, in the Groues district of Nanterre, will see the light of day this year! Users will enjoy wide paths, a vast meadow planted with fruit trees and a large wooden playground. Shady areas, tables, benches and poles for hammocks and slacklines will all be available for breaks, recreational activities and sports.

The little extra that contributes to its charm is none other than a rain garden, created to allow the settlement of a particular and rich flora and fauna. Insects and plants living in wetlands will be able to make their home here, while the benches and loungers installed around the perimeter will enable everyone to enjoy this beautiful landscape.

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Real estate projects to be delivered in 2024

As you know, one of Paris La Défense's objectives for 2021 is to become the world's first post-carbon business district. This is a major challenge that the public institution intends to pursue, and for which it will continue to work in 2024. With this in mind, a number of low-carbon projects will be unveiled or will see the light of day in 2024.

Eleven projects, including offices, housing and student residences, will be delivered this year in various districts of the region. The delivery of new housing will meet the demand expressed by 83% of residents for new housing, according to the 2023 satisfaction barometer (Viavoice survey for Paris La Défense). La Forêt des Groues, West Village and Flora will attract new residents to the Groues district of Nanterre. At the same time, the families of new residents will benefit from the completion of the Groupe Scolaire d'Arras, from the start of the 2024 school year.

Nanterre will not be the only city in the area to receive building deliveries, as the towns of Puteaux, Courbevoie and La Garenne-Colombes will also be involved. In line with the public institution's desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build more efficiently, the restructuring of assets has been given priority in certain projects, notably :

  • Altiplano, restructuring of the former Île-de-France building in the Villon district of Puteaux;
  • Hopen, renovation and enhancement of the Adria tower in the Faubourg-de-l'Arche district of Courbevoie;
  • Lightwell, restructuring of the Galilée building and Arkema's new headquarters, in the Michelet district of Puteaux.

Silver Island, also in the Michelet district, will be delivered with 12,600 m² of office space, a garden at the heart of the block, a company restaurant and a rooftop. Le Bellini, in the Puteaux district of the same name, will be the new headquarters of Swiss Life France, the French branch of the Swiss life insurance group. The first floor will feature a vast glass lobby, as well as two shops, including a restaurant open to the public and opening directly onto Rue Bellini.

In La Garenne-Colombes, the Charlebourg district will be home to Campus Engie, an innovative, sustainable eco-campus that will be Engie's new head office. Employees will enjoy 1.3 hectares of green spaces in the heart of the block.

Students and young professionals, meanwhile, will discover the Lilo residence in the Boieldieu district, with its 644 studio flats and co-living spaces: common work rooms, gym, laundry, terrace, garden and rooftop.

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What about transport ?

As we transport ourselves to 2024, what if the dream of smooth, peaceful travel became a reality ? In this new year, fans of soft mobility will see the introduction of new facilities, alongside the expansion of public transport services. Find out what's in store for you in terms of mobility in 2024!

It's becoming increasingly common to see cyclists out and about at Paris La Défense, and the public establishment intends to pursue the objectives set out in its bicycle plan 2023-2027. The latter aims to enable more than 50,000 cyclists to access the area on a daily basis by 2040. With this in mind, Paris La Défense is stepping up its action in 2024, following the recent installation of new signage, with entrance and exit signs for cycle and pedestrian lanes, as well as pavement markings.

Work on the underground cycle lanes continues, including the installation of safe, well-ventilated, illuminated lanes, some of which will be available for the Olympics. The following summer, in 2025, 1,200 self-service bicycle terminals will be made available at some 30 Vélib' stations throughout the business district. These new facilities will enable everyone to get around easily, while being environmentally friendly.

The parking lots, meanwhile, will provide users with access to secure bicycle parking, an offer that will continue to expand in 2024 under Q-Park operation. The renovation of the parking lots will also see the installation of 500 charging stations for electric vehicles. As you can see, Paris La Défense is focusing on soft mobility, and has no intention of stopping there !

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Public transport is also on the move ! The range of services continues to expand, with the new RER Eole line due to come into service in mid-2024, in time for the Olympic Games. Two stations will be completed to serve the business district : La Défense Grande-Arche, under the CNIT, and Nanterre-La-Folie in the Groues district of Nanterre. With automatic, comfortable and, above all, faster trains, you'll be able to travel faster and further... and save a hell of a lot of time !

Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express will take over with the launch of its construction sites. You'll be able to watch two new stations being built, in the Groues district and in the heart of the Rose de Cherbourg in Puteaux.

And if all these innovations aren't enough to convince you to ditch your car to get to or from Paris La Défense, just imagine what it will be like in 2030-2031 ! The business district will be just 35 minutes from Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly airports, and Nanterre 15 minutes from Fort d'Issy-Vanves-Clamart, compared with 45 minutes today.

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A year of sport and solidarity !

The year 2024 means the arrival of the Olympic Games in Paris, and the business district is sure to be part of the party ! On July 24, the long-awaited event will take place at Paris La Défense, with the arrival of the Olympic flame on the forecourt.

During the Olympic Games, the Paris La Défense Arena will be set up in a completely new way to host the Olympic and Paralympic swimming events, as well as the water polo final.

At the same time, you'll be able to play sports at the skate park installed by Saint-Gobain near the Bassin de Takis, a nod to the second edition of the Olympic skateboarding events.

But before the Olympics, and all year round, the Paris La Défense Arena calendar will be packed with a variety of sporting events. From rugby to motor sports and basketball, not to mention concerts, there's plenty to keep you entertained !

As you know, at Paris La Défense, challenges are also taken up in a spirit of solidarity. And on that front, there's plenty of choice to find the challenge or challenges of your year. Whether you're a sports fan or not, with the various challenges solidaires, everyone can go beyond their limits by putting their heart into their work.

With the Vertigo race, you can climb the steps of the 41 floors of the CB21 Tower, one by one, in support of educational programs through sport run by the NGO Play International. Armed with your best sneakers, you can also run to :

  • Hope to accelerate research into children's cancer, with the race organized in aid of Enfants sans cancer City ;
  • Contribute to the financing of sustainable and accessible food projects with the Challenge contre la faim ;
  • Promote the sporting integration of mentally handicapped people, with the Special Olympics race.

And if sporting challenges don't appeal to you, but you'd like to contribute to a cause, you can turn to the brand-new, and totally crazy, inter-company and school challenge League Of Defense, to benefit the French Red Cross !

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