An increasing decrease in food waste in company catering!

All mobilised, all concerned. The National Day for the Fight against Food Waste is an opportunity for Paris La Défense and the association La Défense des Aliments to take stock of the more than encouraging changes in the neighbourhood's practices. The lessons of the last weighing: the quantity wasted per guest has decreased by almost 28%!

Supported by Paris La Défense, and thanks to new memberships (21 companies out of the 70 present in the area), the association La Défense des Aliments was able to carry out this study in January 2020 among 21 company restaurants, with 7 different catering service providers (Arpège, Délisaveurs, Elior, Eurest, Exalt, MRS and Sodexo). This represents 4 times more partner establishments than in the previous edition. The results are very positive: 28% less waste per guest! Overall, 13% of edible food (86 grams per guest) is still wasted in 2020, compared to 16% (119 grams) in 2018.

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Future actions
On the strength of its results, La Défense des Aliments has once again been selected by ADEME and DRIAAF Ile-de-France to continue and strengthen its actions in the region. In the context of the health crisis, the association's ambition in 2021 is to combine audits and the setting up of an observatory of trends in food waste, while developing new experiments such as the deployment of an application for forecasting the flow of guests, but also the deployment of the approach on a neighbourhood scale.

The missing link: less waste, more sharing!
Paris La Défense, La Défense des Aliments and the association Le Chaînon Manquant, which creates the link between those who have too much food and those who need it, are studying the implementation of a new collection circuit in the business district. The aim: to collect unsold food from the collective catering service every Friday and redistribute it to associations in the Hauts-de-Seine department that are involved in food aid artwork.

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