TOP 5: Good things to do in 2020

What if we decided to make 2020 rhyme with mutual aid, sharing and responsible consumption? Paris La Défense encourages and multiplies initiatives to develop solidarity on its territory and to preserve the environment, but to do this, we need you! After the works of art, discover our top 5 good deeds to do in 2020!

Letting go, doing sport, eating better,... Many are the recurring resolutions that we have to make at the beginning of each year! Paris La Défense offers you the opportunity to innovate in this area by sharing some of your time and energy with others, but also by adapting new reflexes. Here's an overview of the five essential "B.A." of this new year!

Remember to consume "reasoned" at the canteen with La Défense des Aliments

The facts are indisputable: 6 to 9 tons of food are wasted every day in the business district! To make up for this waste, 19 companies in Paris La Défense are joining forces to reduce food waste in company restaurants with the association "La Défense des Aliments". But so that the garbage cans no longer overflow after mealtime, the change comes mainly through your plates. So, don't forget not to have your eyes bigger than your stomach!

The Defense of Food is not the territory's only initiative to reduce food waste. Too Good To Go offers an application listing the signs that sell their small dishes at a low price at the end of the day. Its principle is therefore based on the surprise basket, composed of the unsold items of the day that are still consumable. Download the application !

Give and give a little of your time with Le Carillon & Entourage.

Give a coffee with Le Carillon

A project of the association "La Cloche" and supported by Paris La Défense, Le Carillon is a network of solidarity shopkeepers who offer small services free of charge to all those who need them (charging a phone, access to toilets, the Internet, a glass of water or simply chatting). On your side, you can also act by paying for a coffee or a dish to be distributed to people in difficulty.

To find out more:

Dare to meet Entourage

In the street, we suffer from cold, hunger, but also loneliness. Entourage combats the social exclusion of isolated people. As the association likes to point out, it is about giving back a network to those who no longer have a network. Come and share a moment of human warmth during solidarity aperitifs organized by Entourage. Free and open to all, these aperitifs will break down the barriers between a local resident and a homeless person.

Support the Maison de l'Amitié La Défense

The Maison de l'Amitié offers a daytime reception for isolated people or people in precarious situations who live or pass through Paris La Défense. It is a place of sharing and listening where social support and various services are offered (showers, washing machines, Internet, doctor, French lessons...). Like all associations, La Maison de l'Amitié needs volunteers but also your donations! A winter collection is in progress, and this until February 21st!

More information:

Run for the good cause

Various charity races are organized in Paris La Défense to defend the cause that is close to your heart. The choice is yours!

  • The Vertigo race raises a maximum of funds for the NGO Play International which develops education through sport programs;
  • The Kids Without Cancer race raises money for medical research;
  • Action Against Hunger fights the causes and effects of hunger, as well as diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable children, women and men;
  • The Special Olympics race is the first organization dedicated to the development through sport of people living with an intellectual disability.

To find out more about the dates of the solidarity races, visit the Paris La Défense website very soon!

Adopt eco-responsible actions at work

We spend about 200 days a year in the office: our daily gestures and behaviour count! We, the teams at Paris La Défense, are therefore also very involved. Apart from our unfailing participation in major ecological and solidarity events, we apply the right gestures within our premises! We'll give you the grace of knowing everything you already know; here are some "new" ideas (don't hesitate to ask us for them):

  • Forget plastic and cardboard cups! At a time when waste reduction is becoming unavoidable, let's use a gourd! As for our guests, they are not to be outdone and use the ecocups of our premises.
  • We have chosen to do away with coffee machines with aluminium capsules in favour of a version with freshly ground coffee beans from fair trade.
  • For the lunch break, our kitchen is full of washable and reusable dishes (glasses, forks, knives, spoons, plates...). No more plastic dishes!
  • We have also set up a shared fridge. Its principle is simple: if you haven't finished your menu or if you want to show your cooking skills to your colleagues, you can put your dishes at your disposal in the fridge!

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