Paris La Défense makes a commitment to disability at SEEPH 2023

SEEPH at Paris La Défense

The 27th edition of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities (SEEPH), a week dedicated to the professional integration of people with disabilities, will take place nationwide from November 20 to 26, 2023. To mark the occasion, the Paris La Défense public establishment has planned a four-day program to support its approach to disability.

Awareness-raising, exchanges, meetings and sharing will be the watchwords of Paris La Défense's program for the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities. The public establishment wishes to demonstrate its commitment and its approach to disability in terms of inclusion, job retention and support for the professional development of people recognized as "disabled workers".

A game to test your knowledge

The week will be punctuated by a variety of actions, meetings and presentations, with the "Handipoursuite" game as a common thread. The aim ? To raise awareness of disability in a fun way, by allowing players to test their knowledge of the subject. Six categories of thematic questions will be proposed, such as the recognition of disability or the reform of the employment obligation. Whether you know what you're talking about or not, the aim is to learn so that you'll no longer be confused about disability !

Immersion at ESAT Turbulences

To launch the program, the Paris La Défense Executive Committee will be visiting ESAT Turbulences, an Etablissement ou Service d'Aide par le Travail. The Executive Committee will meet for an "artistic" team building session in the company of the "Turbulents", members of the ESAT, before a lunch prepared by them.

The aim is to raise awareness by spending an entire morning immersed in an establishment such as Turbulences. ESATs are specialized workplaces that provide disabled people with a range of vocational activities, as well as medical, social and educational support to help them achieve personal and social fulfillment.

AMMA seated massages

Two visually-impaired practitioners will be on hand to provide invigorating massages on an ergonomic chair, right on your clothes. Like shiatsu and many forms of acupressure massage, this pressure massage is specially designed to be effective and adapted to the corporate world.

The masseurs will be demonstrating their skills in the art of relaxation with their expert hands and unique sensory touch. A time of exchange with the practitioners will also provide an opportunity to raise awareness of disability issues, in particular visual impairment.

An intervention by Cap Emploi

Paris La Défense will give the floor to Vincent Lequy, Consultant Maintien dans l'Emploi, to present Cap Emploi and discuss the subject of employment and disability. This specialized placement organization (OPS) is responsible for the preparation, support, long-term follow-up and job retention of disabled people.

A range of topics will be covered to help you understand all aspects of employment and disability. What is disability, and what types of disability exist ? What workstation adjustments are made ? All the answers will be provided, so that Paris La Défense employees know everything there is to know on the subject !

Duo Day : discovering professions

Disabled people will be welcomed by different Paris La Défense employees for a day of discovery. Depending on the profiles presented beforehand, the day's guests will meet up with the chosen employee to find out more about his or her job.

This day will take place in pairs for the selected profiles. Meetings, site visits, presentations... the tutor will share the day's program with his or her protégé. The aim is to provide a multi-faceted opportunity for sharing, while at the same time raising awareness of disability and the issues involved in a typical working day.

SEEPH on a national scale

The overall aim of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities is to bring together companies, politicians, associations, civil society and jobseekers with disabilities. It's a week of sharing and exchange, to inform and raise awareness of the situation of people with disabilities, particularly in the workplace. Concrete actions to facilitate recruitment will also take place throughout the week. Throughout France, events are being organized to bring together companies and jobseekers.

The SEEPH is also an opportunity to question the various measures in place to facilitate the professional integration of people with disabilities. As in previous years, the co-organizers of the SEEPH, LADAPT, Agefiph and FIPHFP, are offering a number of joint events focusing on social and societal issues relating to employment. This year, they propose to meet and debate in France around the theme : "The digital transition : a gas pedal for the employment of people with disabilities ?".

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