Probono Factory: Give your time!

On the occasion of the 5th edition in Paris, The Defence of the Probono Factory, which will be held from 19 to 21 November, 300 volunteers, including 250 employees from 10 enterprises of the district, are preparing to share their expertise with 22 local associations.
The opportunity to meet and reflect together on problems to which these associations do not have the necessary resources.

In practice...

Pro Bono Lab, after having identified the projects and needs of the 22 structures, groups of employees from different companies and offering complementary skills (communication, finance, project management, marketing,...). In the course of the three days, volunteers will work in groups of 10, the issue of an association dedicated to the education, employment, and social diversity, through methods, and innovative formats developed by the Pro Bono Lab promoting the sharing of skills.

A edition innovative, and open to all

For the first time, fifty students and job seekers are invited to join the working groups with the following distribution :

  • 7 employees of partner companies,
  • 3 external volunteers (students of the University of Nanterre Paris X, or applicants for employment of the association Cojob, installed on the territory).

Also of note, a particular format supported by the Racing 92 to support the association Oval Citizen. In the presence of members of the rugby team, Racing 92, the workshop on 20 November should help to consolidate the project of the association while swapping around the values of team sport for a better professional integration.

The companies mobilised

Paris La Défense, AG2R LA MONDIALE, Fondation EDF Group, Allianz, Société Générale, Schneider Electric Foundation, Foundation, Eurogroup, Fondation Crédit Coopératif, Fondation Total, Fondation Deloitte, Mazars, Ceetrus France.

Practical information

For more information on the workshops, the associations supported and held, an appointment on the platform microDON

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