For a more united Christmas, we need you all!

As we approach the new year, there is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has only served to accentuate inequalities and amplify the needs of associations. Food parcels, donations of money, toys... the needs are multiple. Against great precariousness and isolation, Paris La Défense and the local associations are committed to a Christmas of solidarity more than ever, so that no one in the neighbourhood is forgotten.

La Cloche

More than just providing assistance, the association wishes to build a whole model of society by acting against the exclusion of homeless people. Through the "T'as pas 5 minutes?" campaign, the association La Cloche expresses the noble initiative of the fight against extreme precariousness and shows the importance of social ties. No call for donations, but a new look at homeless people.


By focusing on close and lasting relationships with people in very precarious situations, the Entourage association intends to help them bounce back towards social reintegration. Through its application, the Entourage team guides you to enable everyone to act as they wish, where and when they wish. A change of perspective is already action! So join the solidarity network by downloading the free Entourage application (by computer or by phone / mobile application).

Le Chaînon Manquant

Killing two birds with one stone is the initiative of the association Le Chaînon Manquant, which fights against food wastage in parallel with great precariousness. By recovering surpluses from restaurant owners, Le Chaînon Manquant helps the most destitute people by redistributing the collection of unsold products to food aid associations. Le Chaînon Manquant launches a call for donations in order to finance new food surplus collection circuits. Less waste, more sharing: you too, make the link between those who have too much and those who are hungry!

Maison de l'Amitié La Défense

Located in Paris La Défense, the Maison de l'Amitié is the only shelter open to the homeless in the neighbourhood. As it welcomes more and more people every day, the association calls on volunteers to give everyone the opportunity to eat, shower and dress. This is why the association needs your help to collect clothes (warm for the period) and sleeping bags to support the homeless. These donations are to be deposited Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm at the Maison de l'Amitié La Défense, 4 place Carpeaux, 92800 Puteaux, Paris La Défense. You can also make a donation !

The aSd

In Paris La Défense, under the Grande Arche, in the shadow of the artwork and gigantic towers, the La Défense Site Association supports young adolescents on the verge of marginalisation, school or family break-up. Composed mainly of specialised educators, the aSd team is committed to prevention with young people to guide them in their professional or personal projects. In these troubled times linked to the health crisis, the aSd is launching a call for online donations in order to finance the purchase of necessary material during this winter period: food parcels, accommodation, transport tickets .... These donations will also make it possible to provide young people with the essential protective equipment (gels, masks, etc.) which is more essential than ever.

Le Secours Populaire Français

As the festive season approaches, Secours Populaire fights against isolation and great insecurity by enabling families, children and the elderly to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in dignity. Once again this year, the Green Santa Clauses of the 92 are waiting for you at the Paris La Défense Info Centre to deposit new gifts for children aged 2 to 12 years old that they will redistribute to the most destitute... join Secours Populaire's Green Father Christmases. So that no one is forgotten, you can make a donation online!
>> Learn more about the Green Father Christmas campaign

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