Covid-19 : Le Chaînon Manquant pursues its mission more than ever before

In this period of health crisis, life is getting harder every day for people in great precariousness. Le Chaînon Manquant, which recovers food from restaurants in Paris La Défense to give it to a network of associations in the Hauts-de-Seine, is stepping up its mission.

If the confinement may seem difficult, it is even more so for those who cannot find shelter. Containment measures have led to the closure of many reception and food distribution centres. Thus, the health crisis is now coupled with real food distress for the most vulnerable people.

To fight against this fatality, Le Chaînon Manquant, a member of the Réseau Solidarité La Défense, has undertaken a marathon with restaurant owners who have agreed to donate these very large quantities of food rather than throwing them away. By the end of March, two weeks after the start of the confinement, the association had already collected the equivalent of about 15,000 meals (or 7.5 tons) in Paris La Défense and the surrounding communes. Among the donors: the central day kitchen (NTT), the Novotel, the Total towers (Coupole, Spazio, Michelet), Engie, Plaza Défense, Société Générale, CB21, Axa Terrasse, and many others!

Following the announcement of the extension of the confinement, a large number of companies contacted the association for a second visit in order to recover the April stock as well, including the Paris La Défense Arena restaurant, which has just donated drinks and snacks.

While this is good news, it is accompanied by technical problems, since the storage capacities of the food aid structures in operation are now saturated. Paris la Défense Arena, accompanied by CD92, has decided to support the association by opening its doors, and more particularly those of its cold room. This buffer stock now allows Le Chaînon Manquant to continue collecting in the towers of Paris La Défense.

The continuation of its action is unfortunately not without risks for the team of Le Chaînon Manquant. Despite the limited call for volunteers and the respect of barrier gestures, the lack of means of protection has impacted the team.

So if you wish to support Le Chaînon Manquant or other associations of the Réseau Solidarité La Défense, a donation campaign is waiting for your generosity.

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