Call for donations with the Parvis Solidaire

A wind of mutual aid and generosity is blowing over Paris La Défense! A crowdfunding campaign featuring 9 beautiful solidarity projects was launched on March 5th by Le Parvis Solidaire. The result: more than 150,000 euros collected in 2 hours for the benefit of 9 associations!

Le Parvis Solidaire, set up by the Sainte-Geneviève Foundation and supported by Paris La Défense, aims to promote local projects of general interest in the La Défense district and its surroundings. To do this, a charity evening was organised - and raised more than 150,000 euros in donations - and an appeal for donations is launched via a campaign of crowdfunding (= participative financing).

To select the lucky ones, a competition was organised from 1 October to 15 November 2019. The jury, made up of representatives of companies and foundations, had the difficult task of choosing only nine! But how did they decide between the participants? They based themselves on a selection of 4 criteria to be fulfilled, namely :

  • innovation, originality of the project,
  • the sustainability of the project and the clarity of its objectives,
  • the impact on the company and its future prospects,
  • the quality of the presentation.

The nine finalist projects, selected among many candidates, will have the chance to "pitch" their projects live during the charity evening of the Parvis Solidaire in front of an audience of donors.

Without further ado, here are the lucky ones!

  • Maison de l'Amitié de La Défense, whose mission is to welcome the vulnerable people of La Défense in order to recreate social links, to accompany them and to make solidarity between everyone a reality. (40,100 euros collected)
  • Visitatio which aims to accompany people in a situation of serious illness or end of life and their entourage. (13,000 euros collected)
  • Bagageries solidaires 92 which provides people in precarious situations with a space dedicated to the deposit of their personal belongings. (17,000 euros collected)
  • Les Tréteaux blancs who entertain children in long-term hospitalization for free. (17,000 euros collected)
  • WKF - Wake up Café whose mission is to propose a path for the complete reintegration of people in and out of prison. (18,000 euros collected)
  • Parent Network which works on the development of Parent Networks in the communes. (5,200 euros collected)
  • The Missing Link whose mission is to fight against food waste and food insecurity by collecting and redistributing food surpluses. (17,000 euros collected)
  • The Entourage network which enables the social inclusion of homeless people by recreating caring citizen entourages around them. (8,500 euros collected)
  • The way of Peter whose aim is to create shared houses and develop places of exchange and respite. (15,000 euros collected)

How can I support these fine deeds?

If you wish to get involved in these local projects of general interest and these solidarity associations, you can participate in the crowdfunding campaign.

A tax receipt will be sent to each donor who donates more than 10 €.

Thank you very much for your generosity!

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