500 000 € collected for associations during the Parvis Solidaire 2023!

Soirée Parvis Solidaire 2023

The Parvis Solidaire, a real incubator for social and solidarity economy projects, has raised more than €500,000 this year, to help the 9 associations that had been sectioned!

On March 20, 2023, companies, patrons, local authorities and individual donors mobilized to support these associations, which had been selected by a jury. All of them work locally on a variety of issues: poverty, health, education, reintegration, disability and sustainable development!

How did the evening go?

The Parvis Solidaire brought together for a few hours, those who develop projects and donors who can help them financially. And for this second edition, the evening was hosted by Guillaume Tabard, editor in chief and political columnist at Le Figaro, and Olivier Doutrebente, auctioneer!

Each association had 4 minutes to present its project on stage, after which Maître Doutrebente called on the audience to make live donations. The objective? To promote local projects of general interest in the district and its surroundings.

9 innovative projects

More than 30 associations had responded to the call for projects launched by the Sainte-Geneviève Foundation. 9 associations were finally selected after a grand oral, to present their project during this fundraising event, organized in partnership with Paris La Défense and Obole.

Afuté (Association for Universal Training in Elementary Tasks)

Their goal: to create, produce and deliver 40 FUTÉs (Universal Elementary Task Cards) and 10 videos to facilitate learning for young people with disabilities.
Their project: the association Afuté has developed an innovative learning method called FUTÉs. These cards use illustrations to explain the steps of each elementary task of a trade, thus making it possible to train young people with cognitive or mental disabilities in a trade adapted to their abilities. This universal method allows for learning without the use of words or numbers, thus eliminating the language barrier.

Association Pour l'Amitié

Their goal: to build their own habitat, involving the beneficiaries in all stages of creation.
Their project: Association Pour l'Amitié facilitates shared housing between homeless people and young working volunteers. With projects underway in Montrouge and Bagneux, the association would like to expand to accommodate up to 25 roommates per house. The future roommates will actively participate in the construction of their future home, guided by professionals throughout the process.

Auxilia, a new opportunity

Their goal: To support 10 more learners in their integration process, before and 6 months after their release from detention.
Their project: the Auxilia association offers a new chance to people in prison. It currently accompanies 17 of them at the Penitentiary Center of Hauts-de-Seine via a distance learning program. This program includes training in basic skills (French, math...), training, preparation for the Diplôme National du Brevet or for a University degree. In order to prevent recidivism, Auxilia wishes to continue this accompaniment outside the prison.

Carton Plein

Their objective: to create adapted jobs for people in situation of great exclusion in the field of the cyclo-logistics.
Their project: the association Carton Plein works on the remobilization of people in situations of great precariousness through employment. It has therefore launched a work integration program that offers personalized support adapted to each person's background and weaknesses as well as an adapted work schedule. The participants have the opportunity to develop their skills and envisage a professional future in a sector in tension.

La Maison de l'Amitié, La Défense

Their objective: to guarantee a dignified quality of service and welcome, in a place that is both relaxing and forward-looking, to help beneficiaries reconnect with society.
Their project: The Maison de l'Amitié, located in La Défense, is a project run by the Association pour l'Amitié, which aims to provide an unconditional welcome and first aid services every morning.

Le Chaînon Manquant

Their goal: Fund 12,500 meals per year, or 35 to 40 per day.
Their project: le Chaînon Manquant is an association that fights against food waste and precariousness by collecting surpluses from various professionals (company restaurants, events, shops) to immediately offer them to local associations according to their needs. This chain allows beneficiaries to access fresh and varied products for a healthy and balanced diet, while pooling resources in the service of local solidarity.

Le Vent Bleu

Their objective: to accompany 15 seriously ill people to help them return to an active life and to strengthen their communication with their publics (patients, hospitals, companies, etc.).
Their project: le Vent Bleu is an association that accompanies sick people, whatever their pathology and status, to help them prepare their return to work after treatment. Patients are accompanied by professional coaches, with a protocol deployed in collaboration with hospitals such as the Foch Hospital (Suresnes).


Their objective: To enable people leaving prostitution to find a sustainable life through work and adapted support.
Their project: Solenciel is an association that aims to support people coming out of prostitution by offering them a second chance through a work integration contract, French or computer courses, and social and professional support. In September 2023, Solenciel's ambition is to open a new branch in the Hauts-de-Seine region in order to offer a greater number of people an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

SOS Préma

Their objective: To support parents of premature babies and hospitalized babies in order to offer them the best chances to grow up well.
Their project: SOS Préma is an association that supports parents of premature babies through a presence in hospital neonatology departments, a free helpline and by providing neonatal kits and guides. They wish to achieve "Zero Separation" by allowing parents of premature babies to follow their baby in all his movements thanks to adapted transfer chairs, so that the baby can be in permanent contact with his parent.

If you wish to support these associations, or support the actions of the Sainte-Geneviève Foundation, it is still possible to make a donation.

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