Paris La Défense unveils the second winner of the Empreintes call for projects

Jean Moulin project

After announcing the winner of the Ségoffin site in September, Paris La Défense has just unveiled the winner of the Jean Moulin site, which is also part of the Empreintes call for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects, at the Simi trade fair for business real estate.

The winner of the Empreintes call for projects for the Jean Moulin site has now been announced. The team will be led by BNP Paribas Real Estate, accompanied by Spie batignolles immobilier and the architects RSHP and AREP Architectes. This innovative project will renew the south-western fringe of Paris La Défense.

Reconnecting the city and the business district

This site, located at the entrance to the business district on the Puteaux side, is bordered to the west by Avenue Jean Moulin, and to the east by the Altiplano building and the Esplanade de La Défense. One of the aims of the project is to create a new, high-quality, pedestrian-friendly link between the business district and Puteaux town centre.

Avenue Jean Moulin will be transformed into a veritable urban boulevard, providing access to the various areas of the programme and the La Défense esplanade. The avenue will also be planted to extend the Square Galliéni into the business district, via a gentle promenade with planted islands.

Mixed-use programming to meet societal aspirations

In response to societal issues, the consortium has designed a mixed-use development of around 19,000 sq. metres, with a focus on reversibility and environmental excellence. The programme will comprise :

  • A reversible office building facing south towards the town of Puteaux, a low, horizontal building that will house adaptable and modular workspaces;
  • A residence for students and young professionals, with flats ranging from studio to T2 and a full range of services. It will open onto the Altiplano slab and Avenue Jean Moulin;
  • A 250 sq. metre third-party centre called Le Pavillon, which will be home to local cultural, social and community players. There will be a café, exhibition space and educational workshops;
  • A climbing gym installed by Climbing District in the base of the student accommodation building;
  • A shopping mall to expand the neighbourhood's range of services. The Basque company Biltoki, a partner in the project, will be showcasing food shops, promoting traditional know-how and short-distance products.

A positive and exemplary footprint

BNP Paribas Real Estate's project has taken account of the guidelines set out by the Etats Généraux de la Transformation des Tourne (French conference on the transformation of high-rise buildings) to propose ambitious environmental solutions. The consortium intends to implement measures to reduce the project's carbon footprint through the choice of materials, re-use, local sourcing and energy supply.

The programme is designed to anticipate future changes and needs. The tertiary spaces are reversible, so that they can be converted from offices to housing. Student accommodation could be adapted to accommodate families, for example.

Work is due to start in 2026, with completion scheduled for 2029.

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