Sefri-Cime settles in the Groues!

To the west of the Grande Arche, the Groues district continues to change. Paris La Défense has signed a promise to sell with developer Sefri-Cime for the construction of a new housing program.

Last October, Paris La Défense signed a promise to sell with Woodeum for a plot of land located in the Hanriot district, bringing the commitment rate for the Groues program to 30%. It is now with Sefri-Cime that Paris La Défense has signed a new promise to sell for the construction of a housing program. This signature concerns "Lot 2" of the Hanriot sector and closes the call for projects in this residential sector.

The developer's ambition is to build a 23,500 square meter program divided into eight buildings designed by the Reichen Robert agency. It will include 97 social housing units, 67 intermediate housing units and 159 freehold units, with 1,600 square meters of private green space. In addition, 2,000 square meters of "productive activities" will be added.

This program is designed in the continuity of the ambitions of Paris La Défense, since nature will be very present to provide an optimal quality of life. Sefri-Cime explains that it has conceived this programme as "a delta". "The delta theme [...] demonstrates our desire to install a project here that is welcoming and expresses movement and exchange," comments Claude Cagol, President of Sefri-Cime.

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You know the Groues project in Nanterre! This future 65-hectare district, developed by Paris La Défense, will eventually welcome no less than 10,500 inhabitants and 12,000 new employees who will benefit from exceptional service with the arrival of the RER E in 2022 and line 15 of the Grand Paris Express in 2030. Resolutely focused on diversity and quality of life, this future district of all proximities is one of the most important in Île-de-France!

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