Les Groues: the House of Projects opens its doors on Saturday 26 June 2021

Maison des projets des Groues © leblueduck

A house of projects dedicated to the development of the ZAC des Groues will open its doors to the public on Saturday 26 June 2021. This is an opportunity for everyone to familiarise themselves with this new district under construction, to give their opinion on the development intentions, but also to invest in it.

Things are moving in the ZAC des Groues! In this area, which is currently being developed, a Maison des projets will open its doors to the public before the summer. Located near the future RER station, this space is intended to become a place for consultation, information, exchange and promotion.

A place dedicated to information and consultation

View of the House of Groues exchange area - 2021 © leblueduck

Covering an area of approximately 600 sq.m., the projects'house of Groues will host exhibition spaces and installations highlighting the identity of the project and its environmental ambition.

It will allow everyone to learn about the assets of this future district and its developments: educational and sports facilities, offices, public spaces, real estate programmes, etc. Paris La Défense, the developer of the area, has given priority to soft mobility and put green spaces at the heart of the operation.

A film, models and photographs will help the public to better understand the contours of this sector in the making.

The Maison des projets also has an auditorium for the organisation of public meetings.

A place also dedicated to property development

The developers involved in the development of this area (Lamotte Brémond, Woodeum, Bricqueville and Panhard, Sefri-cime, BNP Paribas Immobilier and Marignan) have sales areas there. A visit to the house of projects will allow future buyers to take advantage of the first housing sales.

Welcome to your home!

Practical information

The Paris La Défense office has not been open since mid-December in the Maison des projets des Groues. It will resume in April.
Address: 269 rue de la Garenne, 92 000 Nanterre
Contact mail

Opening hours for lots 1 (BNP Marignan), 3 (Lamotte Brémond) and 4 (Woodeum)

  • Tuesday to Friday: 2pm - 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 12.30pm / 2pm - 7pm

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