Progress report on the transformation of the Groues district

Aerial view of the Groues 2021 - credit Air Images

The Groues district is a future 65-hectare eco-district in Nanterre, developed by Paris La Défense in close collaboration with the city. It is one of the most important mixed development operations in the Île-de-France region, with the creation of 4,500 new homes by 2030.

Major new advances have just been made in the transformation of the district. We tell you more about it!

New housing under construction

Hélios © Nicolas Laisné


The Panhard et Bricqueville group will begin marketing its Helios real estate programme in the first quarter of this year, with delivery scheduled for 2025. This 16-storey residence, located near the future Nanterre La Folie station, comprises 94 flats, from studio to 5-room. Hélios, on which work has begun, is part of a larger complex (the FOcd lot) that also includes a school for higher education, a storage unit service and offices, all of which are built around a large, planted and landscaped central area.

Three other real estate lots are also starting construction: West Village (BNP and Marignan), La Forêt des Groues (Lamotte and Brémond) and Flora (Woodeum). These property developments are due to be delivered in 2024.

New public spaces under construction

Le Balcon © Agence TER

The Balcony

This 800 metre long planted promenade will run alongside the RER E tracks and will be used for pedestrian traffic, while providing an unobstructed view of the La Défense district. All along its length, low and high planted strips will punctuate the whole. The trees have been chosen according to their fruit to attract animals, such as squirrels, to make the Balcony a biodiversity corridor. In total, 70 trees will be planted. The civil engineering work on the high wall of the balcony, in its western part, will start in October 2021 and is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Placette Césaire

Placette Césaire

One of the main entrances to the Groues district, the Placette Césaire will undergo work in the first half of 2022. The development of this public space has been designed to make it a green and welcoming place to pass through. Limestone will be laid on the ground, in line with what has been done with the "pocket parks" of the archipelago.

Four planted islands, bordered by curved benches, will be installed, allowing both a fluid circulation of pedestrians and a moment of pause in the shade of the trees. Bicycle racks will be positioned to the north of the square. The work should be completed before the summer of 2022.

New roads in the Hanriot sector

Hanriot © In Situ mandataire du groupement de maitrise d’œuvre des espaces publics du secteur Hanriot

The development of public spaces in the Hanriot sector will begin in the first half of 2022 with the creation of new roads that will eventually allow for the new service plan for the district. Work on part of the Jardin des Rails is underway for delivery at the same time as the first housing lots (West Village and La Forêt des Groues lots) and the school complex. The first residents will therefore be able to benefit from this green space that will give structure to the district without waiting for the completion of the Hanriot sector.

Freshly delivered real estate programmes

Archipe © Clanet

In September 2021, nearly 4,000 Vinci employees moved to l'archipel, the group's world headquarters. All the business lines are thus brought together on the fringe of Les Groues, so as to encourage the development of synergies and multiple connections within the building, but also with the ecosystem of the district.

At the beginning of this year, and in the continuity of the five buildings making up the archipelago, two other Vinci Immobilier programmes are completing their work along the Boulevard de La Défense: Ôkko Hotêls and InDéfense, an office building. Opening and commissioning planned for the spring!

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