Thousands of waste collected in Paris La Défense during World CleanUp Day

Thousands of waste collected in Paris La Défense during World CleanUp Day

**After the treasure hunt... the waste hunt! On September 15, 230 of you met at Paris La Défense for the World CleanUp Day to make the business district even cleaner.

Armed with gloves and garbage bags, the "world cleaners" met at the foot of the Grande Arche and near the Takis basin to take part in this waste collection operation in a good atmosphere.
10.8 kg of cigarette butts less!


In only 4 hours, 43,200 cigarette butts, the equivalent of 10.8 kilos, and 720 liters of recyclable waste related to take-away sales were collected!
At the end of the operation, the waste was entrusted to the start-up company Cy-Clope so that it could be sent to a recycling facility and then transformed into fuel in order to save on raw materials.

**A desire to raise awareness


Despite the presence of numerous ashtrays and waste garbage cans throughout La Défense, you can't go to work without seeing a cigarette butt, plastic packaging or unusual objects on the ground, such as dentures or an old metal sign...! By organizing and participating in this day, Paris La Défense wanted to mobilize and raise awareness among users of the territory so that they adopt the right gestures to preserve the environment!

Why a world clean-up day?
This worldwide movement was born from a disturbing fact: the omnipresence of litter in our daily lives. Apart from collecting all kinds of waste, the aim of this day is also to raise awareness by inviting users to reflect on their daily behavior and the resulting creation of waste.

That's why since 2017, several cities and companies have committed to participating in this large-scale waste collection operation. And the number of participations continues to grow each year. In 2022, the World Clean Up Day association has counted more than 3,000 actions organized all over France! A big thank you to all the volunteers!

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