World CleanUp Day : a record, thank you all!

On September 20, Paris La Défense and the association World CleanUp Day you intend to participate in a day zero butt on the territory. You were numerous to participate to this momentum as a citizen, it is now time for assessment and it is very positive !

Because the future of our planet is everyone's business, Paris La Défense reiterated in its territory the experience of a day zero butt with the association World CleanUp Day. As we said a few weeks ago, the "world cleaners" were invited to pick up the butts and put them in two collection areas in the Basin Takis or in front of the Grande Arche.

A big thank you to the volunteers !

Who says new year says new record ! Not 5, but nearly 20 companies in the territory that are mobilised during the day to pick up the cigarette butts in the neighbourhood and raise the awareness of smokers insensitive. Thanks to the participation of volunteers, we were able to harvest 161 000 cigarette butts on a day, or more than 40 kg and 27 000 more than last year !

You do not realize what this represents ? To have an idea, 161 000 cigarette butts, this is the equivalent of :

  • 4 km by aligning the butts (or 13 times the size of the Eiffel Tower),
  • 60.4 kw/h (calculation based on the energy value of the cellulose acetate) is a lamp lit for 4 months
  • 80 540 m3 of polluted water if thrown in the nature, or nearly 32 olympic-sized swimming pools.

Today in France, 1 cigarette butt on 2 ends to the ground, only 1 cigarette butt pollutes 500 litres of water and can take up to 12 years to disappear ! So we are counting on you, don't forget to seek out our ashtrays, they are everywhere !

But what happens to the butts ?

At the end of the operation, the start-up Cy-Cig was in charge of collecting the waste and sending in the chain of recovery. That is to say, the butts are processed to a fine powder, inserted in the circuit of the sectors cimentières. This fuel is powerful and will thus replace the use of raw material to supply power to the industries.

For the challengers in the soul that take to make this gesture of the heart for a competition, here is the score of collection of the first 10 companies !

Total 15,26 kg = 61 040 mégots
Allianz (avec Euler Hermes et Fraser) 4,7 kg = 18 800 mégots
Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire 3,207 kg = 12 828 mégots
Société Générale 3,105 kg = 12 420 mégots
Bureau Veritas 2,106 kg = 8 424 mégots
Dalkia 1,849 kg = 7 396 mégots
Paris La Défense 1,5 kg = 6 100 mégots
Saint-Gobain 1,3 kg = 5 532 mégots
Suez 1,1 kg = 4 524 mégots
Lagardère Travel Retail 1,006 kg = 4 024 mégots

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