Building with wood to divide the carbon footprint, Paris La Défense is committed!

Place Iris (c) Paris La Défense

Building low-carbon buildings is at the heart of Paris La Défense's new strategic direction. Housing, shops, offices or services: several projects are setting an example for the benefit of users... and the planet.

"One third of the territory's carbon footprint results from the construction of buildings," explains Georges Siffredi, President of the Hauts de Seine department and Paris La Défense. "Our ambition is to halve territorial greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To achieve this goal, the business district is becoming a testing ground for the construction of low-carbon buildings. In partnership with architects, builders and developers, bold projects are being developed. They give concrete expression to the desire to make the district an area of innovation in the service of the ecological transition.

Commerces Place de l'Iris © Paris La Défense Sabrina Budon

Shops: the virtuous Place de l'Iris

At the heart of a renovated square, opposite the Saint-Gobain tower, a new commercial shell will house the Spok and La Famille restaurant chains since the end of 2021. Built by Poulingue Construction and designed by the Tolila and Gilliland architectural studio, it is partly built of wood. Ecological and renewable, this material reduces CO2 emissions by 42% compared to a concrete structure. Upstream of the construction, in this logic of sustainable development, all the wooden elements were transported by river. Transported on the Seine, this wooden construction thus made it possible to divide the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions linked to transport by three.

Flora © Luxigon

Housing: Flora blossoms in the Groues district

Work on an 88-unit eco-friendly residence with a low carbon footprint, both in its construction and use, began in late 2021. Its interiors, designed in solid wood, will not only offer a warm cachet: this renewable material also purifies the air and ensures, through its hygrometric qualities, that it is neither too dry nor too humid. As a high-performance insulator, it also reduces energy costs and keeps the temperature pleasant in all seasons. Not to mention its acoustic comfort! The construction, which aims to achieve several energy and environmental labels, should be completed by the end of 2023.

Immeuble Inspire © Paris La Défense

Offices and services: the environment inspires them

In the Bellini district of Puteaux, BNP Paribas Real Estate is launching the construction of a low-carbon impact office building next spring: Inspire. Its wooden frame, which comes from ecologically managed forests, is a virtuous material in terms of heat, humidity and acoustics. The architectural firm Béchu & Associés is aiming for triple environmental certification for this elegant building. Its seven levels have also been designed for the well-being of future occupants. A place to work and live, this urban breathing space will be conducive to calm, exchanges and conviviality. Not to mention the 1,500 sq.m. of green rooftop and 340 sq.m. of private gardens in the open ground. Around thirty trees will be planted to help combat heat islands. Delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

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