Thermal comfort: two Oasis of Coolness tested in Paris La Défense this summer

Experimentation Engie Solutions Ilot frais Skycooling (C) Paris La Défense

Following several months of research in partnership with Efficacity, Paris La Défense is launching the Oasis de fraîcheur experiment with two new solutions for cooling public space. These innovations aim to improve the thermal comfort of users of Paris La Défense, particularly during periods of heatwave. The two newly installed oases will be tested until the end of September.

Combating the effects of global warming

The recent and frequent periods of heatwave have shown that it has become essential to equip territories with cooling spaces. Moreover, the characteristics of the business district require the search for reversible devices and alternatives to vegetation solutions.

Based on these observations, Paris La Défense has made the improvement of thermal comfort in public spaces a major challenge for the territory, and is installing two experimental Oases of Coolness for a period of approximately three months.

Improving comfort of use, between shade and coolness

Deployed in different formats, these two solutions will prevent surfaces from heating up and accumulating heat. Following their evaluation throughout the summer by the users of Paris La Défense, they could be perpetuated and multiplied on a large scale if the experimentation proves to be conclusive, particularly in terms of their environmental impact.

A refreshing and self-sufficient platform, signed Seureca

Experimentaion Seureca estrade © Paris La Défense

Installed on the forecourt of La Défense, the urban cooling system proposed by Seureca (Veolia's engineering consulting division) in partnership with Alkern (a leader in the world of prefabricated concrete products) and Vertuo (a manufacturer of urban vegetation modules), consists of a 200 sq.m. paved platform laid on the ground and several cooling solutions based on the vegetation itself (shading and evapotranspiration of the vegetation), cooling pavers and urban furniture that stores rainwater.

This mobile installation is based on the concept of the circular economy by offering autonomous water and energy cooling. Collected via a network under the slab, the rainwater is stored and then transported to the block, allowing the paved area to be moistened and the plants to be fed by a drip system. The weather station installed at the heart of the system allows the cooling demand to be triggered or stopped. Thus assembled, the island creates a cool, comfortable and easily accessible space for users to relax.

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Skycooling cool island, signed Engie Solutions

Oasis of freshness skycooling © Engie Solutions

Installed on the Place Carpeaux, the Skycooling cool island is an innovative urban furniture device. Equipped with four seats and autonomously supplied with cold, which is a world first, it offers users a cool break, thanks to the Skycooling panel technology developed by the Engie Lab Crigen research centre, in collaboration with Engie Solutions.

The island is topped with a 25 sq.m. wooden canopy, which provides shade for those sitting underneath. Each seat is equipped with a cooled air diffusion system, thanks to a set of fans and air/water exchangers powered by Skycooling technology, a system that does not generate local heating and is environmentally friendly.

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Islands of coolness designed in partnership

These Oases of Coolness are part of the ongoing reflection and research conducted with Efficacity, the institute for the energy transition of cities. It should be remembered that Paris La Défense recently experimented with four energy oases on its territory to produce, store and offer users of the district free access to local renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.).

These energy or thermal experiments are also a means of testing technologies and innovations that could occupy a full place in the daily life of Paris La Défense in the future.

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