Paris La Défense boosts re-use by signing a partnership with A4MT !

Reuse of materials

At the Salon de l'Immobilier Bas Carbone (SIBCA), Paris La Défense is continuing its commitment to sustainable development and is about to sign a partnership agreement with A4MT (Action for Market Transformation). The aim is in line with the public institution's strategic direction : build, but build better !

On 21 September 2023, at the SIBCA, Paris La Défense and A4MT will sign a partnership agreement to help launch the re-use dynamic in the area. By encouraging the use of reused rather than new materials, this approach will enable the emergence of more responsible and less impactful property projects.

A new step in the region's post-carbon transition

Construction and renovation sites are responsible for 33% of greenhouse gas emissions in the La Défense district. The reuse of construction materials is therefore a major lever for reducing the area's ecological impact.

For the past 2 years, Paris La Défense has been implementing a policy of emulation in environmental matters through strong collective initiatives. The partnership with A4MT supports this strategy and pursues its post-carbon ambitions, in particular through the organisation of training and awareness-raising sessions for real estate professionals.

The integration of reused materials into all projects in the area is based on joint work between property operators and the developer, enabling the optimisation of uses and the transformation of practices. This collective approach is based on a number of strategic priorities that will support developers in their work :

  • Introducing re-use and ensuring that operators develop their skills ;
  • Setting reuse targets for all worksites and sharing tools and best practice ;
  • Facilitate dialogue and cooperation between players, the exchange of materials and the sharing of feedback.

Ten working and discussion sessions will be organised and run by the Reuse Booster team, with the first taking place in early November.

What is the Reuse Booster?

The Booster du Réemploi is a programme run by A4MT since 2020, aimed at boosting the re-use of construction materials. This operational collective action has supported more than 200 projects in prescribing the use of reused materials in building operations.

Bringing together more than 50 players in the property sector, its objective is of general interest, namely to reduce the environmental footprint of the building sector. To achieve this, the programme aims to integrate materials from re-use into building projects, whether they involve construction or renovation.

This approach helps to limit the environmental impact of operations, in terms of CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste production. To achieve this objective, the Booster not only mobilises players in the property sector, it also provides technical and operational support, making it easier to implement reuse.

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About A4MT

A4MT supports private and public players in decarbonising their individual and collective practices through engagement programmes aimed at transforming markets in line with the environmental and energy transition. These programmes, tailored to the problems of different sectors (real estate, construction, mobility), encourage a change in behaviour and promote new low-carbon practices.

A4MT pilots concrete action plans thanks to its high-quality team, its expertise in implementing programmes, its technical and economic knowledge of the issues involved, and its ability to influence decision-makers.

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