Paris La Défense signs a charter to encourage wood construction

Pacte Bois Pavillon Iris

The public development establishment has just signed the Pacte Bois-Biosourcé with the association Fibois Île-de-France. Paris La Défense is thus committed to carrying out 10% of its construction or restructuring work using bio-sourced wood over a four-year period.

On Wednesday 18 January 2023, Paris La Défense joined the 48 signatories of the Pacte Bois-Biosourcés (Biosourced Wood Pact) supported by the association Fibois Île-de-France. With this charter, the public establishment undertakes to use biosourced wood in 10% of its construction or renovation work over the next four years, including 30% French wood. This is another action that fulfils the ambitions of the strategic direction of the establishment and contributes to the reduction of territorial greenhouse gas emissions.

What is the Biosourced Pact?

The Pacte Bois-Biosourcés Biosourced Wood Pact is aimed directly at planners and project owners. Its aim is to increase the use of wood, in particular wood from sustainably managed forests, in construction and restructuring projects in the Paris Region. To achieve this, the signatories make concrete and quantified commitments in the short term.

Overview of wood projects in Paris La Défense

In the area, the first building with a wooden structure was delivered in 2021. It is the Pavillon de l'Iris. Located on the square of the same name, opposite the Saint-Gobain headquarters, the commercial shell now houses two restaurants.

In the future eco-neighbourhood of Les Groues, solid wood was chosen for the interior of the residential complex called Flora, which will be delivered in 2024.

In the office building sector, the Inspire project will feature wood. Its framework will be made of wood from eco-managed forests.

Find out more about the Fibois association

The Fibois Île-de-France association, which has been federating players in the wood industry for nearly 20 years, is supporting the signatories in this process. In 2021, it has set up the Observatory of wood and bio-sourced construction in Île-de-France to create a monitoring tool, refine knowledge of the Île-de-France market and promote projects in the region.

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