Innovative energy oases!

Paris La Défense is setting up Energy Oases on its territory. The objective? To produce, store and consume local renewable energy!

Since mid-September, innovative modules dedicated to the local production of renewable energy have been installed in public spaces. The fruit of several months of research in partnership with Efficacity, Institute for the Energy Transition of Cities, these solutions provide access to renewable energy in public spaces.

New local sources in four forms

Sol'Air trees, solar energy production   
Oasis énergétiques Paris La Défense - Les Arbres Sol’Air

Made up of latest-generation photovoltaic panels, they store energy during the day and release it at any time of the day or night thanks to a new-generation zinc-air battery to power lighting or recharge scooters. 

Developed by Novall and Zinium, an EDF subsidiary.


The WindBox, energy production thanks to the wind   
Oasis énergétiques Paris La Défense - La WindBox

WindBox is a roof turbine in the shape of a horizontal box. The two WindBoxes installed on the Espace Info Paris La Défense will make it possible to exploit the wind of the area and to power up to 900 scooters per year, as well as the LED display of the Espace Info. The project also has the merit of using reconditioned second life batteries. 

Developed by WIND my ROOF, a young start-up founded in 2018 and supported by Omexom (VINCI Energies).


The WattWay Pack, ground-based solar energy production   
Oasis énergétiques Paris La Défense - Le Wattway Pack

WattWay Pack transforms solar energy into electricity. Photovoltaic cells measuring a few millimetres are embedded in a resistant multi-layer material, all on slabs installed on the ground. Autonomous and discreet, the WattWay tiles will enable soft mobility devices (scooters, etc.) to be recharged. 

An innovation resulting from the collaboration between Colas and the Institut National de l’Énergie Solaire (INES).


The Oasis Café, mobile energy production   
Oasis énergétiques Paris La Défense - L’Oasis CaféMobile and autonomous, the Oasis Cafés supply electricity to coffee trucks, and later could supply food trucks, site tools or signalling systems. With their new generation high-capacity batteries, Oasis Cafés are real power plants on wheels that store energy and make its use more flexible. They can be moved around as needed.   
Research carried out by Efficacity and Paris La Défense on the issue of electricity supply (access, flexibility) on the slab.

The development and implementation of the artwork is carried out by Olenergies, PICNIC Architecture and ABB.

This experiment will be deployed in public spaces for 6 months and may be continued on a large scale if it proves to be conclusive.

From 20 October and for six months, the Espace Info Paris La Défense will host an exhibition on the new energies and experiments implemented in the neighbourhood.

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