Cube Paris La Défense: record results with 15% energy savings

Concours Cube

The results of the Cube competition (Championnat de France des économies d'énergies) were announced on Wednesday April 10, in Issy-les-Moulineaux. For its second participation, Cube Paris La Défense achieved excellent results and was rewarded in multiple categories for its performance. A new record was set, with an average reduction in energy consumption of 15%.

More than 1,210,000 sq.m of commercial space were committed to this year's event, a 60% increase on the previous edition (750,000 sq.m by 2022). Of the 299 buildings entered nationwide, Paris La Défense attracted 30, represented by 17 owners, operators, users, assets and property managers.

These included the CBX, Eqho, Initiale and Majunga towers, as well as the Westfield Les 4 Temps shopping center and the Paris La Défense Arena concert hall. Together, they have achieved an average energy saving of 15%, representing a saving of nearly 14 million kWh, equivalent to the annual consumption of 2,917 households.

Committed local players

Many of La Défense's high-rise buildings received awards for their actions and performance.

On the "High-rise Building" podium were :

  • Initiale Tower (Esset Property Management): 25.3% energy savings;
  • Majunga Tower (Telmma): 24% energy savings;
  • T1 Tower (Engie): 17.3% energy savings.

On the podium of "Repeat offenders" are :

  • HyFive Tower (Esset Property Management & Icade): 36.4% energy savings;
  • WP1 building (Groupama): 17.4% energy savings;
  • CBX Tower (Hines): 16.5% energy savings.

Special prizes were also awarded to a number of Cube Paris La Défense participants:

  • Q-Park, for its 49.97% reduction in energy consumption in the Corolles parking lot (Parking category)
  • Paris La Défense Arena, for its 23.6% energy savings (Sports Infrastructure category)
  • Préfecture des Hauts-de-Seine for a 14.4% reduction in energy consumption (Public buildings category).

This year, the league launched a new challenge to encourage participants in their efforts. The Cube Flex, in partnership with RTE and A4MT, consisted in offering companies an optimization device on false days, called "EcoWatt rouges", to monitor consumption in real time and set up regulation during periods of high network tension.

Effective action for Paris La Défense

For the public establishment Paris La Défense, the Cube competition is one of its first actions to promote energy savings throughout the territory. This commitment is in line with its Raison d'être, to be implemented in 2021.

For its second participation, the public establishment also distinguished itself by winning a prize in the "Tenant" category, with its 23.9% energy savings. To achieve this objective, a number of measures were taken at Paris La Défense. These include

  • The creation of a green-team to reflect on a program of actions;
  • The modification of technical rules at Cœur Défense to regulate the use of blinds, lighting, air conditioning and heating, as well as wifi;
  • Reducing the number of printers;
  • The implementation of simple gestures for employees to reduce energy consumption on a daily basis (turning off lights, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, turning off screens...).

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