Nearly 100 kg of waste collected at Paris La Défense during World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day Paris La Défense

A successful hunt for cigarette ends took place at Paris La Défense on 14 September 2023. Thanks to the employees of 8 companies in the area, including those of the Paris La Défense public development establishment, almost 100 kg of waste and more than 50,000 cigarette butts were collected !

Employees from companies in the area got together at midday, armed with gloves and Cy-Clope boxes, to collect the rubbish and cigarette ends thrown on the slab. The mission to clean up public spaces was a success: 96 kg of waste, including 11.2 kg of cigarette butts, were collected !

The Cy-Clope solution at World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day partner Cy-Clope, which specialises in recycling cigarette ends, was on hand at Paris La Défense for the event. All the cigarette butts collected by employees were entrusted to the French company, and will be put to 100% use through energy recovery. It may be better to throw cigarette ends in the bin than on the ground, but they are still sorted, recycled and recovered. That's why Cy-Clope has come up with a solution that enables the butts collected to be recovered.

Thanks to the cigarette butts collected during World Cleanup Day at Paris La Défense, 25,455 m3 of water were saved from the pollution generated by these cigarette remains. The resulting energy recovery produced 17 kWh of energy, equivalent to the consumption of a lamp switched on for 34 days !

Raising awareness for better action

The annual World Cleanup Day challenge is first and foremost a global citizen and environmental action aimed at cleaning up the planet in a single day. The aim of the day is to mobilise and raise awareness among local users so that they adopt the right environmental protection measures.

What's the point of World Clean-up Day ?

The movement was born out of the alarming extent to which litter is everywhere. Every day around the world, nearly 12 billion cigarettes are thrown on the ground, and nearly 140,000 cigarette butts are thrown on the ground every second... That's why, since 2017, a number of cities and businesses have committed to taking part in this large-scale waste collection operation. All over the world, many players are setting up local actions federated by World Cleanup Day through fun and educational means. The aim of these days is to raise participants' awareness so that they can reflect on their daily consumption and the resulting production of waste.

The number of participants continues to rise every year, and the planet thanks them !

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