A plant treasure hunt organized for school children in the Park!

MAV Schoolchildren's workshop Park November 2022 (c) Constance Decorde

In the continuity of the first planting workshops organized by Paris La Défense, the pupils of the André Malraux school in Courbevoie took part last November in an educational workshop about autumn in the Park.

A total of 70 students, from CP to CM1, including an international class, took over the esplanade to learn while playing! The objective? To discover the different plants of the Park in the form of a treasure hunt!

Each group had to find the plant that the teams of Paris la Défense, Atelier Fois and Botanica (in charge of the management of the green spaces) assigned to them. And to end on a high note, the workshop concluded with an explanation of the 4 types of gardens present in the Park: fresh, water, dry and undergrowth.

Jacques Kossowski, mayor of Courbevoie visiting during the treasure hunt.

During their treasure hunt, the children were even surprised by a visit from the Mayor of Courbevoie, Jacques Kossowski. An opportunity for some to ask him for an autograph!

Promoting nature in the city

Park project, 5 hectares by amplifying the place of vegetation

These workshops, set up a year ago, are part of the desire to offer all users of the area, young and old, to contribute to the transformation and greening of the business district (see the previous workshop https://parisladefense.com/fr/actualites/article/animations/ateliers-plantation-parc ).

The planters installed on the esplanade are part of an experimental and ephemeral device whose objective is to observe and feed the project of greening this public space.

In 2026, the esplanade of La Défense will become a 5-hectare park and will offer a privileged place to nature while promoting biodiversity!

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