2022, an exceptional year for leasing and delivery of premium assets!

Aerial view of La Défense

For the second year in a row, take-up was above the ten-year average. This performance underscores the dynamism of the La Défense real estate market, which is being maintained thanks to a very high quality offer, first-rate services, and a rent level that is nearly half that of the Paris CBD (approximately €500/m2 /year versus €1,000/m2 /year).

218,577 sq.m. placed in 2022

2022 is an exceptional year for take-up in La Défense. With 218,577 sq.m. placed, 2022 is 17% above the ten-year average (+6% compared to 2021). 68% of the transactions were in prime, new or restructured buildings.

The diversification of the district's economic fabric is being reinforced by the growing arrival of SMEs, ETIs, and companies from sectors of activity that are under-represented in the area. For example, Alain Afflelou (optician), Pandora (jewelry), Costa (cruise ship operator), Santarelli (industrial property consulting), Arkema (chemicals) and OGF (funeral services) have chosen to join La Défense in 2022. Nearly half of the transactions carried out are from outside the area, thus reinforcing the attractiveness of Paris La Défense.

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Higher education schools are also strengthening their presence in the district with the development of the presence of Ieseg, the arrival of the Omnes Group in Cœur Défense and the ICN in the Colines de l'Arche

A mechanical increase in the vacancy rate

With a vacancy rate around 15%, the business district is once again experiencing a high level of space availability. This vacancy rate can be explained by the simultaneous arrival of several very large real estate assets on the market.

In 2022, two emblematic assets in the business district were delivered: the Hekla tower (76,000 sq.m) and the Aurore tower (37,000 sq.m). These deliveries follow those of several large-scale real estate assets in 2020 (Trinity, Alto, Landscape) and 2021 (Eria - Campus Cyber, Akora - Lebfevre Dalloz , Origine).

More than 400,000 square meters of new space have been delivered in the last five years.

*Source: JLL

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