Higher education in Paris La Défense

Remise de diplôme IESEG 2014

To gradually build and develop an "integrated campus", like the one in the San Francisco Bay Area, and to build a first-rate melting pot of creativity. These are the ambitions of the region!

To achieve this, the public institution is working to connect the needs of everyone: schools and students with companies for potential internships, work-study programs and jobs.

Our objective? To support the development of higher education and contribute to its influence through :

  • A programmatic offer that connects the economic and academic worlds.
  • Developments in line with student needs: this is reflected, for example, in Nanterre, with Cœur de Quartier, where public spaces and new housing have been developed.
  • Improving the quality of life for the university community, notably through student housing, shops, culture and leisure activities.

And it works! Four new schools of higher education have opened in the region in recent months, bringing the number of students to more than 70,000, while others have moved to new, larger facilities. This is an opportunity to recall the diversity of the offer available to students and the ambition of Paris La Défense to become a model campus by playing on synergies.

From the public to the private sector, from health to management to IT, students have a wide range of choices at Paris La Défense, with more than 50 higher education establishments. Here's an overview!

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