La Solive energy renovation school moves to Les Groues

La Solive

With its new Paris campus in the heart of the Groues district in Nanterre, La Solive aims to train 300,000 professionals in energy renovation by 2030!

The building sector is one of the most polluting in France. The energy transition in buildings is therefore a major lever for achieving the government's greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. This is why the La Solive energy renovation school was created. And its location in Paris La Défense makes perfect sense, since the area shares the same challenges, with the ambition of becoming the world's leading post-carbon business district (

Today, many professionals want to turn to a future-oriented profession that is part of the great ecological transition. This is why, at La Solive, there are no 3 or 5 year courses! The training courses offered last only a few months, so that people who are retraining can return to the job market as quickly as possible. And this formula works! 91% of students find a job 6 months after the end of their training.

Two options for retraining

La Solive offers the following two training courses:

  • Project manager in energy renovation In just 3.5 months, this training course, which leads to certification, enables students to develop the skills needed to design and carry out energy renovation work.

  • Heat pump installer Opened on April 3 on the Nanterre campus, this second training course enables students to develop all the skills needed to become a heat pump installer in just 8 months.

An integrated campus

La Solive is located in the heart of a neighborhood undergoing major renovation in Nanterre. This strategic choice allows the school to be easily accessible to students, while participating in the economic and social dynamism of Les Groues.

By 2024, the Groues district, which is partly made up of former wasteland, will be transformed into a lively, bustling neighborhood, fully integrated into the city and connected to La Défense. A real opportunity for the establishment!

The arrival of La Solive is also part of a trend that has been increasingly marked since 2022, that of the development of the higher education offer in Paris La Défense. To date, the area has more than 30 higher education institutions and more than 70,000 students! A rich ecosystem that connects students to companies on the same site and responds to the problems of each.

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