Two new restaurants to be tested

Good restaurants are not what Paris La Défense lacks. Well, you can already add two tasty addresses to your long list!

Do you think you have discovered everything in terms of restoration in Paris La Défense? Don't get me wrong! Without further ado, here are the new addresses of the district to be tested as soon as possible!

Duck Street

After Lille and Paris, it is now the turn of the Defensiens to treat themselves! Duck Street, located at Westfield les Quatre Temps shopping centre, offers you the opportunity to enjoy duck in a different way. Created by two young entrepreneurs, the restaurant makes us rediscover this poultry through an original and modern street food offer.

You can enjoy a varied menu that will delight many people. On the menu, burgers with duck breast and confit, tartar or crispy, not to mention the classic candied thighs and half-magrets. Each dish is served with a salad or potato chips cooked in duck fat. A delightful treat....

Don't worry, this classic French classic, considered a premium product, won't break your piggy bank since the restaurant offers menus starting at 12 euros.

The slab

Julien Duboué invests in Courbevoie to offer you a culinary offer of street food. Another one, you might say? Well, no, since the Landes chef insists: everything is fresh and homemade at home! A winning formula for the former candidate of Top Chef since the cuisine is authentic, gourmet and tasty. For a hot dish, you will have to pay 11.50 euros and 14 euros for an affordable formula, right?

After a hard day, you can also enjoy afterworks with colleagues over a glass of wine and a plate of cold cuts, or enjoy homemade hummus.

The slab also offers a traditional bakery. Don't worry, we'll let you tell your loved ones that these are your own achievements!

Address: 22-24 allée de l'Arche. 92400 Courbevoie.

Don't forget, from the beginning of next year, you will also have the opportunity totaste the delicious dishes of several chefs who are setting up in Table Square ! We are looking forward to it...

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