Objective: invent the future of the sub-slab!

Paris La Défense has appointed the five groups of architects called upon to compete to imagine what will become of the 20,000 m² of space located under the Esplanade of the historical Axe. An ambitious project that will create new living spaces!

Historically, the La Défense slab was designed to separate the functions intended for users in the district from those intended for technical or logistical purposes. Today, Paris La Défense is imagining a whole new ambition for these underground spaces! We now dream of bringing these places to life and offering a different and unique urban experience, a mixed place that will live all day long.

To imagine how to enhance the value of this 20,000 m² of space and, in particular, the emblematic "Cathedral" space of more than 6,000 m², Paris La Défense launched a consultation that attracted the interest of many professional groups. Only five of them were selected to review the project and propose both a long-term vision and the rapid launch of the first interventions.

The architects of the five international teams selected are:

  • Baukunst (Brussels),
  • Emilio Tunon (Madrid and Zurich),
  • Kaan Architecten (Rotterdam, Sao Paulo and Paris),
  • Lacaton & Vassal (Paris),
  • Tezuka Architects (Tokyo, associated with Ciel Rouge Création).

It now remains to find uses for these spaces at the five designated offices. You have to be creative because anything is possible!

**During the first quarter of 2020, Paris La Défense will choose the team that will accompany it in this crazy and innovative adventure! Good luck to them.

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