Le Parc, it goes on!

With "Le Parc", Paris La Défense experiments a new sequence of the Mise en Parc... Inspiring!

A 960 sq.m. forest island, planted with flowers and ferns and lined with an ecological woodchip floor: this is what the haven of tranquillity created by Paris La Défense will look like on the upper part of the esplanade, in the planted squares near the Chimney Plant. Called "Le Parc", this installation, which does not require any heavy work, is the next incarnation of the Mise en Parc, the programme for the gradual transformation of the esplanade into a park. New Landscapes" is an experimental system planned over a 3-year cycle, explains Marion Denis, Project Manager at Paris La Défense. Permeable soil, flowerbeds, plant colours and smells... We want to invite the public to wander through landscapes that are truly unusual for a business district".
A first island will be built from the end of May to June. The second one will be treated afterwards for delivery this summer. The new plant species will then be planted in the fall.

Urban walk

The expectations expressed by local residents during last year's public consultation were taken into account. Thus, starting this summer, wooden hammocks will be scattered around the island to make it a real place of relaxation, new plantings will refresh the atmosphere and, in a second phase, the existing benches will be repainted with pop colours. The next step in the replantation of the esplanade: the realization, starting in 2021, of several above-ground landscaping installations on the sequence between Table Square and Place Basse ... We'll tell you more very soon!

Location of the two islets that will be vegetated starting this summer.

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