Place Carpeaux: Work to begin in 2021

Aerial view of the Place Carpeaux (c) Philippe-Guignard

As part of a project to rehabilitate the area, the Place Carpeaux, located in the immediate vicinity of the CNIT, will be reconfigured to create a revitalised and active place. Although this space includes Caesar's Le Pouce and the taxi rank, at present it is only perceived as a place of passage, entry and exit. The project aims to give the square its own identity and make it a real destination.

The first stage will start at the end of 2021 at the level of the RER/Metro/Tram access of Coeur Transport. The aim will be to link the Parvis and Place Carpeaux by correcting the current differences in level. This new walkway, which will comply with the regulations for people with reduced mobility, will also make it possible to easily connect the existing RER A "Grande Arche" access and the future access under construction for the Eole project which will be delivered in 2022 at the corner of the CNIT.

In a more distant timetable, during 2022, the ambition of Paris La Défense will be to create a real square, to make it no longer a place of transit, but rather a place where people can meet and spend time in quality, modern and planted public spaces.

The square will be levelled and new, unified pavements will be laid to make it easier to access in the future. The project will propose plantings arranged in archipelagos scattered over the square, offering a new landscape while establishing free and direct pathways. Seats forming small lounges will punctuate the multiple pedestrian routes. Stainless steel furniture will soberly accompany the plant islands. The lighting will be completely reconfigured to redefine the space and create new atmospheres according to the uses.

As the gateway to the business district, it is intended to become a place of life and entertainment that will allow everyone to enjoy new islands of vegetation, welcoming street furniture and future relaxation areas at the bottom of the towers and near the shops.

Location of the first area to be developed at the corner of the CNIT, which will link the Parvis and Place Carpeaux

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