Saisons: new facilities for young and old!

Saisons: new facilities for young and old!

For several months now, Paris la Défense has been carrying out an investment programme in the Saisons district to give it a new lease of life and improve the daily life of its inhabitants. New public spaces at the foot of the Alto Tower with the Zaha Hadid square, new development in front of the district's hotels with the creation of two-wheeler parking areas, greening of spaces, refurbishment of slabs and equipment... The teams are not idle!
And it's not over yet. The centrepiece of this programme, the development of the heart of the Place des Saisons, starts in April for delivery this summer.

New facilities for young and old alike

At the heart of the square, a new convivial space for young and old © Atelier Foïs

The programme includes several entertainment zones for all ages and a plant treatment.

This year, it is planned to :

  • Create a 260 sq.m. play area for children aged 2 to 6 years;
  • Create a space for everyone with new seating, a shared library and a petanque court;
  • Requalify 440 sq.m. of vegetated area by planting flowers, grasses and shrubs;
  • Replace diseased trees with adapted and robust tree species.

The two play and relaxation areas

For the youngest, Paris La Défense has chosen a play area, colourful and with a soft floor, which invites them to spend themselves without counting the cost!

The little ones will therefore be able to gain motor skills by crawling on these adapted floors without risk and by letting themselves be rocked by the swing. Older children will enjoy a trampoline, climbing holds, and of course a slide!

Overall view of the children's area © Atelier Foïs

As for the parents, and other adults of course, they will be able to enjoy a convivial space with seating furniture and a petanque court.

Overall view of the convivial space © Atelier Foïs

Landscaping and replacement of trees

Before the work, Paris La Défense carried out a phytosanitary diagnosis to evaluate the health of the trees. Of the 16 trees in the square, 13 are sick. They were attacked by parasites, and the diagnosis also revealed the presence of dead wood.

The decision was taken to uproot these trees from 24 March and to replace them immediately with more suitable tree species, such as hornbeam, nannyberry or lime.

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