Empreintes : Paris La Défense unveils the first winning project from the call for projects

Ségoffin, Synapses project

In 2022, Paris La Défense launched its Empreintes call for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects. At Sibca (the low-carbon real estate trade fair), taking place in Paris from 20 to 22 September 2023, the public institution unveiled the first winning project of the call for projects, for the Ségoffin site. The winning consortium led by Pitch Immo and the GA Smart Building group, in association with the architects Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, presented the "Synapses" project.

The first winning project of the Empreintes call for mixed urban projects, launched by Paris La Défense, is now known. Paris La Défense and the winning consortium presented the "Synapses" project for the Ségoffin site at the Sibca low-carbon property fair.

A project to create a link with the city

This site, at the heart of the Coupole-Regnault district, is on the edge of Courbevoie town centre. The Synapses project was devised by the consortium led by Pitch Immo and the GA Smart Building group, in association with the architects Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia. Its aim is to create a new, peaceful link between the business district and Courbevoie, by focusing on three major themes: diversity, urban links and exemplarity.

A mixed programme combining coliving and services

The Synapses project consists of two towers, the Serpentine tower and the Ségoffin tower. These two coliving towers will be managed by Colonies, a leading player in the market. The towers, 45 m and 39 m high, are linked by a fault, itself punctuated by a series of terraces and planted balconies. The two-storey base will house local shops and services, as well as a new range of restaurants, all of which will enhance the appeal of the district and liven up the area around Boulevard Patrick Devedjian. Users of the tower will also be able to enjoy a rooftop, a haven of peace that will feature furniture and a pergola with climbing plants.

In the public space, forecourts and walkways will be created as meeting places, combining plants and mineral bubbles, also known as "synapses". These spaces are designed to extend the Henri Regnault square and are intended to become islands of biodiversity, a veritable green lung at the heart of the district.

A project with strong environmental ambitions

The winning project naturally meets the high environmental ambitions of Paris La Défense, by already adapting to the thresholds of the 2028 environmental regulations. The consortium has therefore chosen to use innovative construction techniques and materials, with modular construction and the use of stone and ceramics as components. The project also aims to use water sparingly and install a water recovery system.

The Empreintes call for projects, launched in March 2022, is supported by the public institution as part of its strategy to become the world's first post-carbon business district. This call for projects will support the transformation of five sites located at the junction between the business district and the towns of Puteaux and Courbevoie: the Ségoffin, Demi-Lune, Jean Moulin, Liberté and Gambetta sites.

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