Delivery of the new buildings: a new identity for Coupole-Regnault

View from esplanade WATT (c) Paris La Défense

Faced with the ageing of certain towers, the choice is no longer to demolish and rebuild, but to rehabilitate the towers. These projects are often faster and less costly. At Coupole Regnault, the delivery of the new Akora, Latitude and Watt buildings is helping to transform the identity of the two neighbourhoods in Courbevoie.

Akora Face Strasbourg © Tailora

The Le Balzac building, less than 30 metres high, renamed Akora, was designed to reconcile the worlds of mineral and plant life. Overlooking Diderot Park, its two large openings bring light and transparency. A 405 m² tree-lined roof, a green roof with vegetable gardens and birdhouses... nature is gaining ground! In autumn 2022, Akora will become the Lefebvre-Dalloz tower and will house the 1300 employees of the Lefebvre Sarrut group (publisher and legal and tax trainer).

Latitude © Paris La Défense

Next March, it will be the turn of the 2000 employees of the IT company Sopra Steria to move into the Latitude offices. Designed by the architectural firm Studios, the building has bold lines and integrates a wide range of services. Paris La Défense has taken advantage of the opportunity to redevelop the public spaces: modernisation of the crossroads, the forecourt and the covered lanes located nearby, privileged pedestrian spaces, densification of the vegetation, bicycle lanes, installation of public lighting and street furniture... These infrastructures contribute to giving the site a more modern identity, in phase with the Latitude real estate project.

Watt © Paris La Défense

As for the Watt building, the renovation and extension of the old City Défense building should be completed by early 2022. At the foot of the building, a new forecourt and a cafeteria will be open to the public. The building will offer its occupants a bright and green working environment. In the basement, between the Watt and Ampère buildings, an inter-company restaurant is under construction. These rehabilitation works of the building complex offer an opportunity to redevelop the exterior spaces so as to better connect the La Défense forecourt and the rue Henri-Regnault, while facilitating access to the site.

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