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Paris La Défense impresses thousands of people in transit every day, and for good reason : France's only vertical district would make anyone feel very small ! Tourists, students, residents... contrary to what you might think, employees are not the only users! Despite all this, the image of a cold, unchanging district persists in some people's minds. In reality, Paris La Défense has been constantly evolving for years. Everyone can see its modern and innovative skyline, the multiplication of its green spaces and its exponential offer of higher education.

Known for its vertiginous towers, Paris La Défense builds, renovates and innovates to offer an architectural setting in tune with the times. But that's not all ! The district is also colourful in many ways. If you don't think Paris La Défense has changed, discover or rediscover the area through an overview of its prejudices.

No modernity in this district !

Whether you haven't been to Paris La Défense for some time or are a regular visitor, it's hard not to notice how the area has changed. In the heart of the district, new buildings have been or will soon be erected, while the older ones are being renovated at the same time. Paris La Défense is working to modernise its facilities, but not only ! The aim is also to offer more and more services, always with a view to satisfying as many people as possible.

Paris La Défense relies on innovation to combine modernity of use, environment and aesthetics. You will no doubt have seen construction site barriers in various parts of the district, and with good reason: Paris La Défense will very shortly be delivering several public space projects. The impressive suspended promenade of the Rose de Cherbourg will welcome its first pedestrians, who will be able to stroll along this rehabilitated road ring. Place de La Défense, the vibrant heart of the district, is also getting ready to welcome back all its users after a complete renovation. The same goes for the rejuvenation of the Corolles-Reflets-Iris district, with completely redesigned squares and patios.

These are transformations that are profoundly changing the district, and that no-one can ignore !

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It's still very cold in Paris La Défense...

Paris La Défense may be building, but it's not all ! One of the objectives of recent years has been to bring nature back into the city, certainly from an environmental point of view, but also to improve the way it is used. Today, with more than 35% of pedestrian space greened, Paris La Défense is moving away from its main cliché about the omnipresence of concrete.

It is one of the components of a challenge, as important as it is ambitious, that Paris La Défense has set itself to decarbonise the area while protecting and restoring biodiversity. Since 2019, almost 10,600 m² of green spaces have been added to the landscape. Every day, these concrete initiatives give more space to nature: by planting trees, creating shared gardens or greening the towers.


But the most spectacular of Paris La Défense's projects is the greening of the esplanade to turn it into a 5-hectare urban park ! The objectives are numerous and set the tone : Le Parc will be natural, responsible, connected, lively and, of course, user-friendly. In short, Le Parc is a project that will benefit everyone, and the planet too !

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Anyway, there are only companies !


Paris La Défense is Europe's leading business district, and not for nothing ! While it's vital for its economic dynamism to attract new businesses, it's also the case for education. And with over 70,000 students, Paris La Défense has become a mecca for higher education in recent years !

The area is developing its desire to become an integrated campus, connected to the needs of everyone and connecting students to the major companies that have made the area their home. The aim is simple : to support and develop higher education in the area by improving the quality of life for students (accommodation, shops, leisure facilities) and by encouraging the business world to connect with the academic world.

And students have the choice ! From the public to the private sector, from health to management and IT, more than 30 higher education establishments make up the Paris La Défense university offer. If you haven't already found the school of your dreams, you're sure to find it in Paris La Défense !

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