Change your perception of Paris La Défense: prejudice #1, boredom...

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While Paris La Défense may be perceived by some as just a cold, disembodied business district, this view is a stubborn prejudice! In reality, its architectural and artistic heritage, its events and activities and its location at the heart of Greater Paris offer everyone a living environment of unparalleled richness and undeniable effervescence.

When you think of Paris La Défense, do you automatically think of the world of work? And so it should ! With more than seventy years of office space, Europe's leading business district is no longer just for employees. Residents, students and tourists - there's something for everyone! After an overview of the district's assets, you'll have no hesitation in discovering the riches it has to offer, making it a place where there's no such thing as boredom.

Paris La Défense is ugly and there's nothing to see !

Whether you're at the foot of the towers or in one of them, Paris La Défense offers a breathtaking view at all times ! From La Grande Arche de La Défense, the symbol of the district, its forecourt and esplanade on the historic axis, you can see Paris in a different way. From one end of the pedestrianised slab to the other, as you stroll through the district, you will be able to discover the architectural feats created by internationally renowned architects. The First, Majunga and Granite towers are among the most impressive, thanks in particular to their height, and bear witness to the evolution of each generation of tower. From the CNIT, with its impressive vaulted ceiling, to the Bassin de Takis, the ideal spot from which to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, you won't want to miss a thing !

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At Paris La Défense, there's no need to lock yourself away to see works of art - the museum is under the open sky! Whether you're a fan, an amateur or just passing through, it's hard not to stop on your way. The various works, both permanent and temporary, offer visual pleasure and a soul far removed from the initial image of the district. Over the years, Paris La Défense has opted for a varied representation of art, from the contemporary to the surreal, all placed at the heart of a living space made all the more pleasant for everyone. It would be hard to miss l'Araignée Rouge or Bassin de Takis and its multicoloured luminous lights without seeing them, both part of the district's permanent collection of over 50 works !

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If this collection delights you on a daily basis, there's one annual event you won't want to miss: Les Extatiques! Whether out of curiosity or a genuine love of art, you're sure to be enchanted by this artistic journey through the towers. It's a great way to see Paris La Défense through the eyes of different artists who will take you into their respective worlds. So make the most of the current 6th edition, running until 1 October 2023 !

Discover the exhibition Les Extatiques 2023

There's really nothing to do in Paris La Défense !

Not an art or architecture fan? No problem. Paris La Défense has plenty of activities in store to enhance your experience of the district! There's little chance of getting bored, there's something for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. With friends, colleagues or family, you can plan days of activities to suit your preferences. From shopping at Westfield Les 4 Temps to La Cité de l'Histoire, you're sure to find something to suit you! Need to have some fun while getting away from it all ? Escape games and virtual reality experiences are just waiting for you !
If sport is your thing, you'll find a range of fitness studios, including classic, CrossFit and indoor cycling, as well as rock climbing with Hapik and Blocbuster.
Fancy watching a film ? You can choose between UGC and CGR.
But Paris La Défense is also home to a host of events throughout the year, so fill your diary now !

And for those who simply want to relax, you can take advantage of the facilities in the heart of the greenery to rest or take a little nap...

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We're not going ! Too complicated to get to.

Are you still not convinced that Paris La Défense is so difficult to get to? Whether you travel by public transport, car or bicycle, its location offers you a very wide choice. Paris La Défense has one of the best transport networks in the world, with numerous bus and rail lines. This exceptional transport accessibility will be further enhanced by the arrival of the RER E next year and a Grand Paris Express line by 2030.

By car, you can reach the district via the various departmental, national and motorway routes that serve Paris La Défense. Once there, there is a wide choice of car parks, such as those at the Westfield Les 4 Temps regional shopping centre, the CNIT or in one of the La Défense districts.

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Once in the district, you can get around on foot, by bike or even on a scooter. Find information and traffic maps to help you get around:

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