Georges Siffredi, new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Paris La Défense

Created on 1 January 2018, Paris La Défense is the public industrial and commercial establishment in charge of the development, management, promotion and animation of the La Défense business district.
Following the death of Patrick Devedjian on March 28th, the Board of Directors of Paris La Défense met today to elect its new Chairman.

According to Georges Siffredi, Chairman of Paris La Défense and of the Hauts-de-Seine Department :
"To succeed Patrick Devedjian is a great honour and a real challenge.
He was passionate about La Défense. President of EPAD, then of Defacto, and finally of Paris La Défense, he worked to modernise the business district, breaking with the functionalist vision, to make it a district to live in. He was also keen to reweave the link with the territory and its elected representatives, who were placed back at the centre of governance with the creation, under his decisive impetus, of the new local public establishment.
His efforts have borne fruit, since Paris La Défense is now the 4th most attractive business district in the world, as the latest EY - ULI barometer of business districts has just shown.
But many challenges remain to be met, including environmental issues and the crisis we are currently experiencing, the full consequences of which we do not yet know. We will have to continue the strong investment policy already underway, while rethinking the business district's economic model, which has necessarily been impacted by the situation.
I am proud to take up these challenges with the teams at Paris La Défense and its CEO, Marie-Célie Guillaume "

Composition of the Board of Directors of Paris La Défense.

  • Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council: 9 directors
  • City of Courbevoie : 1 director
  • City of Nanterre : 1 director
  • City of Paris : 1 director
  • Town of Puteaux : 1 director
  • Ile-de-France Regional Council: 1 director
  • Greater Paris metropolitan area: 1 director
  • Two qualified personalities:
    • 1 person appointed by the Minister for Territorial Cohesion
    • 1 person appointed by the Minister of the Economy and Finance

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