Goodbye suits, Paris La Défense goes casual wear!

Sabrina Budon

Over the past few years, our working environment has changed. Office partitions have come down, tables are now shared and the norm is cool attitude, casual wear. Take a stroll across the forecourt on a sunny day and you'll quickly see that a new trend is taking shape. Gone are the strict outfits, in favor of jeans and sneakers!

  • For men: say goodbye to suits and ties. Jeans or navy blue chino pants have replaced suit pants. As for close-fitting shirts buttoned all the way to the top, they're slowly giving way to t-shirts and polo shirts.

  • For women: in these summer months, they too are letting their personality shine through their clothes. Floral dresses, colorful blouses, linen or satin... Goodbye to suits and pencil skirts. The watchwords? Comfort and color!

And what if fashion were also a work of art?

A veritable artistic and stylistic showcase, the "match with art" account boasts no fewer than 23,000 followers on Instagram! The concept? Match sometimes haute couture clothes with works of art. With each publication, the influencer transforms herself into a chameleon, blending in with the works to share her love of art and fashion. And you may have already seen her at Paris La Défense! For the past two years, her designer has been visiting les Extatiques for a few photoshoots with the works! Last year, for example, she posed in an all-silver look alongside "chevalier errant, l'homme sans ici"

But she's not the only one to use works from the collection for certain shoots. The Moretti, the Bassin Takis and the Japan Bridge are also emblematic locations where it's not uncommon to come across photographers hard at work. All offer a striking contrast between the beauty of the clothes and that of the artistic installations!

A fashion haven

Did you know that Paris La Défense is not just for traders and energy giants? Fashion has its place here too! Pandora is based in the Alto tower, luxury group Kering in the Cœur Défense tower and C&A in the Colisée Gardens building. All these big names make this renowned business district a veritable epicenter of fashion.

Paris La Défense is a must for fashion enthusiasts. They can find renowned boutiques, unique creations and the latest trends! The shopping center Westfield Les 4 Temps is home to a host of stores, including Europe's largest Zara. This fusion of business and fashion contributes to the attractiveness and diversity of the area, giving it a dynamic, modern identity.

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