The bicycle in Paris La Défense

Deconfinement: actions to support the business recovery

With the deconfinement and gradual return of employees to the business district, several measures are being implemented to ensure the safest possible recovery and limit the spread of the Coronavirus. In particular, temporary bicycle paths and preventive health measures are on the agenda. Paris La Défense is mobilising to support the resumption of activity.

Reaching the business district: creation of temporary cycle paths

For all those who wish to favour the bicycle alternative to public transport, several cycle paths are being created. Objectives: facilitate access to the business district and offer an alternative to public transport.
A path that will link Porte Maillot to La Défense will be open from 13 May. From 18 May, the establishment is also developing temporary cycle paths allowing access via Gleize and Prothin avenues, the Neuilly bridge, the junction via the hotel lane, the Boulevard Circulaire Nord, Gambetta avenues, the junction to Place Carpeaux, the intersection of Avenue de la Division Leclerc and Rue Serpentine. These developments, designed in cooperation with companies on the site, aim to provide access to 20,000 people by bicycle, three times more than before.

Certain applications offer you the possibility of calculating the best route, go to Geovelo, Vianavigo and in real time to Bike Citizens.

To ensure maximum safety, Paris La Défense has set up new signposts to simplify and streamline the movement of cyclists:

  • installation of speed bumps to limit the speed of vehicles,
  • implementation of specific signage to raise awareness and warn motorists and cyclists
  • reinforcement of video surveillance by the teams of the Paris La Défense security headquarters.

Cycling on the Pont de Neuilly 2020

Not forgetting that 400 new secure and temporary parking spaces have been created at the La Défense roundabout, pending the development of more permanent solutions in the district's car parks and towers.

Public transportation
Public transport traffic will be 75% for RER A, 100% for metro line 1, 85% for Tramway T2, 60% for line L, 33% for line U.
For the moment, only the following exits are open: Parvis - Esplanade (exit 3), Boieldieu (exit 4), Coupole-Regnault (exit 6) and Place Carpeaux (exit 7).
As a reminder, an employer's certificate is mandatory on public transport for employees going to their workplace from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

For more information, discover how to come to Paris La Défense

Disinfection and cleaning to limit the spread of the virus

Paris La Défense has launched a programme to disinfect equipment located in public areas in the business district.

Elevators and escalators are disinfected twice a day. The establishment will also install self-adhesive markings in the cabins reminding people of the rules of social distancing to be observed and put up a display reminding them of barrier gestures.
Coach terminal: a general disinfection of the Jules Verne terminal has been carried out. This is followed by daily disinfection of the terminal.
The car parks in Paris La Défense are cleaned and disinfected twice a day in all areas where there is frequent contact.
Street furniture in the business district is also disinfected daily.

These actions will be adapted according to the needs and sanitary requirements. We will not fail to keep you informed of any changes to this action plan.

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