From 17 January 2023, the Cité de l'Histoire will enchant the area!

Cité de l'Histoire ouverture

The Cité de l'Histoire, imagined by Amaclio productions and Franck Ferrand, will open its doors on Tuesday 17 January 2023 under La Grande Arche. This immersive museum, unique in the world, offers you the opportunity to travel through the centuries to (re)discover the History of France and the great people who shaped it, all thanks to cutting-edge technology!

To offer an immersive experience in a life-size journey to literally go back in time, such is the crazy but perfectly achieved ambition of the new Cité de l'Histoire! From room to room, from characters to events, you will dive into the rich ocean of French and world history. Fasten your seatbelts, you will travel through time for more than three hours!

The immersive "Key to the Centuries" tour

Following the immersive tour, you will become a privileged witness of the French epic by crossing great events and anonymous scenes. To help you make your way through the 17 rooms of "La clé des siècles", you will be guided by actors. This unique sensory and visual experience has been designed and produced using state-of-the-art technology to push realism to the limit. In just 40 minutes, you will walk through 12 centuries of history, from today to Charlemagne.

The 360° ellipse "Hugo, the revolutionary man

Writer, poet, cartoonist and politician, you will be immersed in the life of a sacred monster of French history, with a 360° videomapping halfway between cinema and immersive show. Set up wherever you like in the 700 m² arena, discover this 30-minute show on one of the emblematic figures of the 19th century, Victor Hugo.

The timeline in the "corridor of time

25 tactile terminals will allow you to rediscover more than 400 historical dates. Over 100 metres long, you can walk through the timeline and enjoy interactive projections full of surprises. It's up to you to play in the "corridor of time" and choose from among the most significant events in human history!

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The "Eternal Notre-Dame" experience

After visiting the Cité de l'Histoire, you can also discover the "Eternal Notre-Dame" experience. Equipped with a backpack and a virtual reality headset, you can explore the secrets of the cathedral for 45 minutes accompanied by a companion. You will travel through more than 850 years of Notre-Dame's history, from its construction to the current building site, via the fire of 2019.

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A restaurant and a bookshop

City of History, Eternal Notre-Dame, your experience doesn't end here! To keep a souvenir of your visit or simply out of curiosity, the site offers a library-boutique, accessible to all, even without a ticket. Among the large shelves, there are many books by historians to discover.

Feeling hungry at the end of your visit? The Cité de l'Histoire welcomes you to the Restaurant for a gourmet break.

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