La voiture sur le lampadaire déménage !

La voiture sur le lampadaire, work of Benedetto Bufalino, changed location! For those who haven't yet had the chance to discover this amazing and spectacular work, you will be able to do so, right now, in the Valmy district.

As we were telling you, the work created especially by Benedetto Bufalino for the 2019 edition of Les Extatiques has since officially joined the Paris La Défense art collection. Originally displayed near the Moretti fireplace, La voiture sur le lampadaire moved on June 12 to the Valmy district, between the Spaces building and the Grande Arche.

This white Peugeot 406 overturned on its roof and perched on top of a lamppost will obviously succeed in surprising you, and that's the goal! As Benedetto Bufalino puts it so well: "In my mind, this object is not just for moving around. It can be desecrated by giving it other, much more human functions, such as taking time and dreaming. This assembly makes it possible to switch from the banal to the extraordinary.

Don't wait any longer to discover all the works of art in the area!

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