An ephemeral footbridge is transformed into a comic book on the Altiplano construction site!


**How to dress up the fences of a construction site in an original and entertaining way? This is the challenge taken up by the Alberto Prod studio on the Altiplano site.

In order to maintain the connection between the Boieldieu neighborhood and the slab during the restructuring of Altiplano (formerly the Ile-de-France building), a temporary footbridge was installed. And until September 2023, you will be able to follow the story of Elisabeth, Seo-Hyun and Adam through two main narratives that intersect over 100 meters long!

An open-air comic book

Three comic book authors and illustrators, Sarah Ayadi, Olivier Crépin and Pierre-Laurent Daures, have set about turning an ephemeral footbridge connected to the Jean Moulin footbridge into a real space for reading and dreaming. Each of their stories takes place in Paris La Défense and allows us to rediscover the area in a playful way.

In the first story, Adam, a waiter, and Seo-Hyun, a Korean start-up, meet in a café in La Défense. You will be able to follow the evolution of their relationship which culminates in the inauguration of a new work: "Les Amoureux de La Défense". A work which will be realized by the character of the second story: Elisabeth. An artist at the end of her career, she is invited to create a sculpture at La Défense, but finds no inspiration. How will she manage to complete the planned work?

And to complete these two stories of thirty squares, a third story composed of strips in small format also comes to be embedded on the fences! A mysterious character leaves flowerpots everywhere in the neighborhood. But who is he?

See you in the coming weeks on the Altiplano site to find out!

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