A live performance by Suzane at the top of Alto tower!

For lack of being able to gather the music lovers during Garden Parvis, we suggest you to relive the concert at the top of the singer Suzane. A moment full of emotion!

In partnership with Le Bonbon, the trend-setter, Paris La Défense is hosting its first open-air concert, 150 metres high. For this unique show, it is the young and talented French artist Suzane who performs three of her songs on the rooftop of the Alto tower.

For those who don't know the rising star of French chanson, Suzane is the most programmed artist of the 2019 summer festivals and in 2020 she was awarded the Victoire de la Musique in the category 'Revelation stage'.

The concert, filmed by drones from the top of the tower, takes place in three stages:

  • L'insatisfait**, Suzane's flagship song, recorded under a sun at the zenith, opens the concert with an exceptional view of the entire skyline of Paris La Défense,
  • November, with a very personal text, filmed at the end of the day and highlighting a majestic sunset over the district of La Défense,
  • Filmed at night, the track P'tit Gars closes the concert and reveals Paris La Défense, animated day and night.

To sum up: live tracks, incredible views from the tower, sequences in the middle of the artwork of Les Extatiques, anecdotes from the artist, ... Good viewing!

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