Take part in the League of Defense inter-company and school challenge !

League Of Defense Challenge

Would you like to engage in a no-holds-barred battle with other local businesses or schools over some totally wacky games, all for a good cause ? No problem ! From October 1 to 3, 2024, the all-new League of Defense challenge will finally give you the chance to do battle. But to take part, you'll need to sign up as a team !

If we tell you that, in less than a year's time, the square in front of La Défense will be transformed into a fighting arena to welcome teams from Paris La Défense companies and schools, can you believe it ? It's all part of a charity and friendly challenge, of course... but a totally crazy one too ! We'll tell you all about it, so you'll want to take part.

A crazy, crazy, crazy challenge !

Have you long dreamed of curling office chairs, or finding out how good you are at throwing paper dumplings ? Well, that's just a small sample of the many office-inspired challenges awaiting you ! The key to this unusual challenge is to win the coveted Golden Mug, the ultimate reward for the best team.

For three days, League of Defense will also be rocking the parvis de La Défense with a rich program of bonus events, daily prize-giving ceremonies, concerts and DJ sets, a food court...

So, whether you're a sports fan or not, League of Defense invites you to have a good, fun time with your colleagues, while defending your company's image !

Employees and students of Paris La Défense, are you up for it ? Save the date in your diary !

Download the partnership file

Pre-registration is here !

An event with a beating heart

For those of you already familiar with the three Paris La Défense charity races, you won't be surprised to learn that League of Defense is also a charity event ! By taking part in the competition, you won't just be competing for glory, you'll also be doing a good deed.

In fact, the entire registration fee for the League of Defense challenge will be donated directly to the French Red Cross !

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