« RD993 lab » : Les candidats retenus pour plus d’innovation

To transform the Boulevard Circulaire in Paris La Défense into an experimental laboratory, the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council launched a call for innovative projects last March, "RD993 Lab". Well it's official, 4 winners have been selected!

This initiative, led by the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council, in collaboration with Paris La Défense and in partnership with CEREMA, was open to all types of structures wishing to experiment with innovative devices to create "a road to the future". Several themes were then proposed to the candidates (calm driving, energy recovery, etc.).

Without further ado, here are the 4 projects selected by the Department:

  • Intelligent traffic management: Vinci, Actemium and Qucit propose a system of intelligent video analysis and traffic data collection in order to modulate traffic according to the results.

  • Luciole: Eiffage proposes to reduce the energy impact of urban lighting via an economical and intelligent system. This project involves installing LEDs on existing streetlights, providing a clear surface and a device for varying light intensity. Lighting intensifies as a vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian approaches, then gradually decreases as it moves away.

  • ITS Ready: Aximum proposes to improve traffic flow by deploying equipment that communicates with motorists (vehicles connected via a smartphone application or via route information panels).

Flowell**: Colas is planning an innovative road marking system based on the installation of panels made up of LEDs connected to a control terminal and connected to the electrical network.

The studied perimeter: the circular boulevard (RD993), the median link (RD106) and all adjacent public spaces.

Next steps :



March 2020

User ownership / Scenario evolution

For 8 months

End of behavioural experimentation

March 2021

Deposit or 2nd phase of experimentation

+ 1 year


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