Higher education in Paris La Défense

University of Paris Nanterre

University of Paris Nanterre, October 2012

Created in 1964, the University of Paris Nanterre is a multidisciplinary university that welcomes more than 31,000 students each year. It offers 6 degree programs in the Bachelor's program, 22 in the professional program, 31 double degrees, 31 bachelor's degrees and 80 master's degrees!

Its training offer and research activities cover a wide range of fields:

  • Humanities and social sciences, Humanities and social sciences, * Humanities and languages,
  • Legal, economic and management sciences,
  • Technology and computer science,
  • Culture and art,
  • Information and communication sciences,
  • Engineering sciences,
  • Sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities.

The institution has 1,400 teachers and 970 administrative and technical staff to support its educational activities.

On the campus of the University of Paris Nanterre are also the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme-Mondes and La contemporaine, library, archives, museum of contemporary worlds. The university is a member of the ComUE Université Paris Lumières, the Campus Condorcet and the European University EDUC.

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