Mur Végétal (Porte de Paris) [Green Wall (Porte de Paris)] - Patrick Blanc

The artwork

This second plant wall by the artist was commissioned by Unibail following the extension of the Quatre Temps shopping centre. It is composed of two sections of vegetation, a mosaic of plants, grasses and flowers offering an immense natural tapestry.

Patrick Blanc presents another work at La Défense: Mur Végétal (Quatre Temps) [Green Wall (Quatre Temps)]

The artist

A researcher at the CNRS, born in 1953 in Paris, the artist and botanist Patrick Blanc has been travelling through tropical forests since the age of 19.

His passion has made him one of the best specialists in tropical plants, but he is best known for inventing a new concept of plant wall. His patented process makes it possible to green urban surfaces that were previously inaccessible to plants. His walls can be found on a number of luxury buildings in Japan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and in Paris, on a façade of the Quay Branly Museum.