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Cycling in Paris La Défense

How to come and where to cycle in La Défense?

**For those who are a few years late, be aware that, since 2015, bicycles are allowed on the territory!** As time goes by, bikes and pedestrians have found common ground and share the public space. From now on, electric scooters will be added to the equation. To ensure that the different flows in the district coexist, Anouk Exertier, head of the Paris La Défense Mobility Centre, explains: "To ensure that the different flows cohabit in the district, Anouk Exertier, head of the Paris La Défense Mobility Centre, explains: " *We are going to intensify our actions to promote and secure the use of soft transport and active mobility* ". An overview of the situation! ## Cycling in Paris La Défense It's no secret that Paris La Défense was not designed for cycling! In fact, La Défense is the largest pedestrian area in Europe and when you say pedestrian area, you mean priority for pedestrians! Certain rules must therefore be observed to ensure that all the different modes of travel on the pedestrian area (bicycles, scooters) can coexist. In order to promote a virtuous cohabitation between all the users of the slab, it is essential that everyone circulates with respect for others and the particularities of the site. This is the aim of the "Love Story on the Square" communication campaign launched by Paris La Défense. This campaign is accompanied by a [**Love Story sur le Parvis best practice guide**]( Its aim is to set out the rules of good conduct for pleasant and safe travel and to encourage respectful sharing in the public space. Paris La Défense is not stopping there and is developing a plan for the network of soft links in order to launch a programme to develop cycling breaks. But that's not all! Other actions are also underway to better identify bicycle access to La Défense: * develop secure parking facilities (300 spaces already available in the Centre and Saisons car parks), * develop the bike arches, * develop the care and maintenance services. For the moment, Paris La Défense offers a secure, public car park with 700 bicycle racks, i.e. 1,400 spaces and 470 secure spaces. ----- ## To go further [Pedestrian zones]( ║ [Coming by public transport]( ║ [Coming by car]( ║ [Scooter riding]( ║ [Access for people with reduced mobility](

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